nike zoom fly sp review

today I will be testing my nike zoom fly sp review running shoes I recently bought the Nike Air Zoom flies because it was very curious to find out what it’s like to run in then I have been looking into the 19 X % especially after give Choga broke the two hour barrier for the marathon in them and after that a lot of people seem to be breaking records and PRS wearing the 19 X % also the athletic association started looking into them a lot of messages started to pop up online saying that maybe they wanted to disqualify tissue for races so that made him even more interesting now I was talking to my friend Czech pitcher who I met through these lone pairs races this year if you seen any photos from the races the run Disney put a lot of his pictures on her up because of his awesome outfit so you may have seen him now he was in the elite corral and he was there because he had a proof of time of an hour and 22 minutes for a half marathon he recently sent me a message saying that he ran a half marathon and he said PR he ran it under an hour and 20 minutes now that is awesome a two-minute improvement at that level that is HUGE so and he was wearing the nike zoom fly sp review next percent and he told me that he’s very happy with the shoes but they’re also very different shoes to run in so he advised to get the Nike Air Zoom flies to see if I would like to run in this type of shoe because the fit of the shoe is very similar to the nike zoom fly sp review next percent and then seeing that these are a lot cheaper to get I could see if I wanted to dish out at the cash for the knife next percent so I yeah I’m gonna give these tests now the initial feel of the shoe it feels a little bit bulky but it’s very light now the the upper of the nike zoom fly sp review feels very strained it feels like plastic it says really weird translucent material but it’s very light I have no idea how this is gonna deal with moisture but I really like the fact that is this light now the front of the nike zoom fly sp review goes up a lot more than I’m used to but I’m thinking that might be a good thing now the bottom of the shoe feels a lot harder than I’m used to on my adidas and the boost that I have but it does feel like it’s very stable and and then we’d still provide a lot of cushioning the only way to find that out is to take them for a run so let’s go [Music] all right so the initial feel of the nike zoom fly sp review feels like like I’m running on platforms it feels like I’m a little higher than normal I might be Tolly now the roundness of the the front of the shoe I can really feel that while I’m running very curious to see how to translate into my forward movement if that actually helps in running faster [Music] because the initial thought about the solar nike zoom fly sp review was that I thought it was kind of hard I thought that when running on trails or past where there’s rocks and sticks laying around that it might be a problem that you would like feel everything but that I’m running here now and there’s a lot of rocks around I ran over sticks on purpose just to see what it would feel like and you hardly feel anything so the sole really does absorb all that pretty easily so I’m really impressed with that and that is a big plus for me [Music] okay so I put a little bit more miles into the nike zoom fly sp review and I must say they are very comfortable I’m really enjoying running in these shoes I don’t know if they actually helped me with my speed I’m gonna have to do some more runs with them to find that out but I’m really enjoying them the I wasn’t really sure how they were gonna feel because of the the heart is of the soul the the roundness of the nike zoom fly sp review and because Jack told me that yeah they run very differently so I should try these before getting the next percent but if you’re really nice and I think I might actually like the next percent so yeah I’ll have to see if I’m gonna get those but for now I love these nike zoom fly sp review so I’m gonna have to test them a little bit more to find out what they would do for my speed but I’m thinking in the forward movement they could really help me out so they might make me faster if you enjoyed this review please consider subscribing you might enjoy more reviews more training tips more Ray’s videos so I have a lot of those coming up now until next time get out there and ride

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