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hey what’s up this is Abraham here welcome to winter and a great excuse to go and look at some new nike waterproof shoes to pick up not only because of those Black Friday sales winter sales all that kind of thing but because whereas in the summer you might be after high-performance breathability nice lightweight stuff now we’re looking at nike waterproof shoes resistance extra warmth some chunkier silhouettes things that are gonna do you’re right when things start getting a little bit wetter and a bit colder we’re going to look at loads of options more than I’ve done in any video today all of these things have different levels of price and availability but they’re all things that have come out this season so it’s all new stuff and it’s all stuff as well that I’ve never really mentioned or spoken about on this channel before since we’ve got so many things to cover here I’m gonna go ahead and rely on this videos paid sponsor shop Tiger to gather everything up or as many things as I can up into one handy list for your browsing pleasure as you guys know they have been a pretty big supporter of this channel for a while so here’s how it works it works by installing yourself a little browser extension like I’m doing right now on Google Chrome once that’s all done and dusted you get yourself a little clickable button and that means when you’re browsing a retailer of your choice you have the ability to click that and save your preferred color of nike waterproof shoes and size to a list you can also set it to notify you when that item comes back in stock or when the price drops to make sure you’re getting some steals on some of the pricier fashion gear these notifications can come through email or through mobile device of your choice if you’ve got the app installed for some easy ordering grouping things into different lists as I’ve done with this video also means that you can super easily keep track of everything and keep your future grails or future cops nice and organized another cool new feature for desktop exclusively is you can use shop tagger to automatically check for discounts or coupons as you checkout to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your favorite retailer you never know in my save you 20% or something which is definitely worth having so that’s shop tiger there’s a link down there in the description if you want to check that out give it a go see if it works for you they are running something of a contest right now so any active users so anyone that installs that app basically has a chance to win $500 which will buy yourself a couple of nice pair of nike waterproof shoes which is always worth having now we’ve got quite a lot of ground to cover so let’s go ahead and jump right in first thing I couldn’t not mention these the gore-tex airforce one these come in two varieties there’s a low and a high the low came out a couple of weeks ago highs much more recent but both of them bring a gore-tex performance and outerwear aesthetic to the classic Air Force one the Air Force one Lowe’s pre normal it’s mainly just the gore-tex branding and of course that gore-tex performance giving it nike waterproof shoes resistance but the highs for me are really where it’s at because they actually change the shape of the shoe they’ve got this zip on the front so it’s clearly a more technical aesthetic and it comes in some really nice colors as well the black obviously the wearable one Green can be cool for some military inspired fits but then the white ones are really interesting a little bit different as well so if you want to get on some Lunik or viber going to be a pretty cool option also to release recently was the New Balance and Snow Peak curl app Snow Peak a Japanese brand that been rising in the past couple of seasons with some cool outerwear performance pieces and they’ve brought that to this pretty interesting outerwear focus – most distinctive part of this nike waterproof shoes apart from the blue and black tones is the FID log buckle that’s on the side don’t know how useful that’s actually going to be but it looks pretty cool and interesting so why not gore-tex is gonna feature pretty heavily in this list because they are massively expanding the number of products and brands that they’re putting their name to one of these is the Nike Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail but you retain a pretty sleek race-ready shape but with a nike waterproof shoes -resistant performance and they’ve got that big gore-tex branding on one side so you can flex that water resistance to everyone if that’s not your thing though and let’s face it that massive branding is probably going to be overkill for some people then we’ve got an interesting alternative the Nike Pegasus turbo shield uses that same gore-tex technology to provide a nike waterproof shoes resistance but there’s less branding and it’s a more interesting high top shape I feel like they’re an under-recognized or less known option but for a lot of people these are probably going to be the better purchase Salomon have increasingly been on my radar over the past couple of seasons and this winter they definitely have some cool options to check out it’s a technical performance brand with some genuine credentials and with actually some cool-looking gear as well so have a look at the shelter CS WP advanced which is a quite boot like nike waterproof shoes very protective going to be great important and the shelter low advanced too as well which is a sleeker slimmer silhouette but still with those cool performance credentials and they specified that with the low advanced it’s great for trail walking and running specifically descents as well they’ve got this descent control technology in there so for those of you who like putting their nike waterproof shoes to work the Salomon stuff is gonna represent a really good option if you’re feeling fancy and after some boots take a look at the Alex buckle boot they’ve been pretty popular this season unfortunately they are pretty expensive so maybe it’s one more to keep an eye out in the sales for but it’s a clearly luxurious very sleek very classy look that some of you guys might be interested in I also really like the stone island garment dyed boot for a more luxury sort of thing this is based on something by diem I think there are the manufacturers of this but it’s got this unique garment dyed finish and stone Islander branding to the heel as well again they are pretty expensive and they look really nice as they are but I think this is something that’s gonna look really cool even when they’re totally thrashed earlier in the season adidas injected some gore-tex performance into a regular sneaker with their adidas Stan Smith gore-tex fermium Infineon that’s not actually a nike waterproof shoes -resistant finish though but an insulating one it’s got thermia in the toe cap so designed to keep your little Tootsie’s warm even in the coldest of conditions this is definitely going to be one for you guys that prefer a regular looking nike waterproof shoes but with a little extra bit of winter performance in there unfortunately there’s not too many added ass options that interest me there Terrax line is a little bit too plain and hiker II for my liking I think the free hiker GTX is the most interesting of the law so they’re worth a look if you like the sound of a performance hiking boot that’s super comfy but also has some nike waterproof shoes resistance in there as well a couple of other brands at it with the gore-tex colapse you might not have seen the Asics gel Kayano v GTX these come in some really interesting pastel colors which is very unexpected from a performance focus to gore-tex you but that could lead to some really interesting earth tones in your outfits or just something cool to add a pop of color it does have quite prominent gore-tex branding but that is the case with gore-tex branded stuff often so do you can’t go overboard with it and unfortunately the biggest size this comes in is a UK ten so too small for me you might not associate the brand Campo with cool Footwear but don’t be sleeping on them because like quite a few different brands they have a sub brand called camper lab which is used to bring out some more cool and interesting products that definitely break away from the dad course stereotype of this brand specifically check out the curler the circular this is a sleek and futuristic boot that’s gonna look great with a pair of aggressively tapered cargos and it’s different to a lot of the other things on the market only maybe a brand like Salomon is coming out with something similar to this so you’re in some interesting territory they’ve also done a collection with Kiko Kosta D North who’s been making a name for himself recently not just for the cool tech wear products under his own name but some high-profile nike waterproof shoes releases in co.labs with Asics as well that stuff is worth a look too and it’ll certainly get you some underground cool here two points there are of course loads of interesting co.labs out there one of them is beams and Salomon coming together this was a Japan exclusive I believe so not super easy to find over in these parts but they have this really cool reversed a gradient ton on and which I think is gonna look super cool in some gray neutral heavy outfits or even there’s a nice little pop of something interesting in an all-black fit without being so overpowering is to do an all-white nike waterproof shoes there’s another more readily available Salomon collab with the French brand satisfy and they’re not quite as interesting as the beam’s ones I don’t think but they come in this really nice silvery gray color which again I think is gonna look really nice alongside some neutral tones or as a little bit of a pop of something interesting with an all-black outfit satisfy are a performance focused brand with a bunch of running gear under their belt so again this is a collaboration that has some genuine performance credentials that you guys probably know I love my vapor max utilities they’ve shown up in a bunch of different videos and outfits on Instagram too but there’s a 20-19 version and these bring some nike waterproof shoes -resistant credentials to the table in my opinion they do suffer as a result I don’t think they look as cool and they’re probably not going to be as comfy I think one of the best things about the vapor monks utility the original version is that breathable Flyknit material that they use so you’re kind of losing something there but if that’s a style that you particularly want and you do also need that nike waterproof shoes resistance then this is an option to look at as well they do have some ID options as well I think so you can customize these to your heart’s content make something that’s a hundred percent year Japanese designer and hooli would teamed up with Converse to release a gore-tex infused version of the Chuck Taylor sneaker this is another one that might be a little bit tricky to find but it’s got some very clear military inspiration super wearable as well because they’re pretty much all black they look very similar to a regular nike waterproof shoes so this is another one for the regular street wear or sneaker fans that just want to have that hidden bit of performance of them as I say there might be a little bit tricky to find but there are previous season gore-tex and converse co.labs as well so have a look in the world of second hand or on stock X or somewhere like that and you might be able to pick up some of those older shoes as well and for one final issue we’ve got another 90 gore-tex collab this one it’s the air Mac 720 receiving the nike waterproof shoes resistant treatment I think these look way nicer than the regular 720 s they had a bit of a cheap look to me but these ones I don’t know they just looked better somehow maybe it’s the cool colorway choice maybe it’s that a little bit of extra height that they’ve given it thanks to it being a gore-tex version I guess they want a little bit of extra protection but either way these look particularly interesting to me I think the colorway choice is really nice as well it’s going to be good for people that want a very wearable nike waterproof shoes that also has the ability to just inject a nice little bit of color into an outfit that black main upper is going to go really nicely with pretty much anything alright that’s a lot of stuff there hopefully there was at least one thing there that took your fancy and I’ve probably missed something because as I say gore-tex seemed to be announcing new co.labs left right and center so if there’s something I’ve missed or something that you think is particularly cool definitely stick it down there in the comments make sure your technical boys and girls out there know about that and if you’ve got a particular favorite on this list as well let me know something that maybe he’s gonna carry you through winter I think the gore-tex Air Force One highs are gonna be a real treat especially those black ones are just gonna be super wearable you can stick those on but basically anything but I also really like the idea of some of those interesting slightly more different nike waterproof shoes like the unconventional camper lab choice or the 720’s with those interesting bits of colors or even the Asics with that all over pastel finish either of those can make for really cool and interesting options for tech wear outfits a game thank you to shop tagger for sponsoring this video it really does help being able to buy new equipment and get new stuff in for reviews and that sort of thing but that’s everything from me so if you enjoyed this video please do give it a like it is super appreciated as always and of course we’ll be back next week with another video and one thing I didn’t mention actually there’s a new ACG collection and with it a couple of new nike waterproof shoes options as well they’re probably a little bit too kind of retro hiker for a lot of the stuff on this channel but it might be something that’s up some of your guys tree right I’m definitely gonna end it there though if you want to see some more videos they’re going to be going up there and if you haven’t subscribed yet please consider doing so it’s super appreciated and you can check out new tech where content that comes out every week we’re going to be talking about nike waterproof shoes and jackets and a bunch of other cool stuff you might notice I’m tearing surveillance piece in the background that’s going to be coming up in some content soon and I’m really excited and looking forward to doing some concert on that so yeah we’ll catch you next time

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