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this is going to be my new setup I actually was planning on doing it differently but then I tested this out and I was like I’m digging this I love it so this is my new setup girl fuck I love it just so you guys know I am wearing a top you probably won’t be able to see it as much sometimes since I’ll be like you know but just wanna let you know if you guys are new here thank you so much for tuning into today’s video my name is saya and welcome to my channel today’s video is gonna be a nike vapormax womens haul they have actually ever done just a single sneaker whole I did pick up a lot of sneakers in the last month or so to let y’all know what they were if you have little minds from if you don’t I’m joked you guys have been following my Instagram you guys will know I’m trying to change up well maybe not change up but add more to my collection versus just having Jordans I’ve tried to go with the adidas route and nike vapormax womens and just try to get a bunch of different seekers that I don’t have in my collection and I don’t have a lot of I’m gonna start off with the two first pairs of shoes and they’re both the same a different color because but you know me I had to get both colors I just I had to first sneaker is some vapor max and let me tell you I absolutely love the vapor max I don’t know what it is just the way that it looks I just love the bottom here these are the nike vapormax womens climate twos and I did get them in black because a lot of black shoes and I thought because it’s fucking black obviously I needed a pair in black do you actually think that they fit perfect a size I would say actually you know I could I could have probably went a six and a half I feel like they do fit me not bad like they’re already like they’re not perfect perfect they could be a little bit bigger just like a pinch but it’s whatever I love the front here it has heart esteem there is some like nicked detailing here so you can actually see my hand I don’t know if you guys can see that but I can see it we have the nike vapormax womens swoosh this way and obviously the paper mags on Mirage I love these absolutely obsessed I didn’t get a size six like I said pretty true to size if they were pinch bigger they would have been perfect but they aren’t and of course I had to get the crane pair because I just can’t even speak right now how gorgeous are these above the look of these like these go with so many things in my closet I love this clear sole obviously the same on the other shoe should everything it’s literally everything don’t have a lot of cream nike vapormax womens actually in my collection I thought that this was a great addition to the collection we have three more yep they’re actually all in like E except for one I’m very impressed with myself let me just get ready for this one because I have been looking for these sneakers everywhere like when I say everywhere I’m talking everywhere I was on every single website I was in every single store trying to find these sneakers so they finally restocked in these sneakers I didn’t actually know that they only came in amends I don’t think they came in women’s and I was like oh shit so I’m on the nike vapormax womens website they have them in men’s and I think they actually went as low as four point five or five camera what the lowest one was but it was pretty low like wow the only size that they had actually available was a five and a half and I was like hmm so I didn’t know if five and a half foot fifty I was like it’s either gonna fit me or it’s just literally not gonna work at all I got the nike vapormax womens and Nike Vapor Max Plus bitch I don’t know what it is about these sneakers that I just love so much the fact that it’s I think they look really good and I tried them on and for some reason when I tried them on I thought they looked so big on me I thought they literally were like clown nike vapormax womens I asked a few people awesome do these look bad you know I know they look like they fit they do fit I mean it’s just like a little bit big just a little bit but not so much that anybody can see but also when I’m wearing them they’re not too big either like to the point where it’s uncomfortable for me to walk in I was so happy with these these are actually pretty pricey I think there were like $300 yeah girls Brooke I needed these in black so bad like you have no idea I wanted these in black so bad and here we are love that there’s this nike vapormax womens right here and then there’s this cool little detailing on the sides and also on the other side as well and kind of on the front too both these in the size 5 and a half obviously if I could have gone a size 5 I definitely would have 100% and I think they would have fit me perfectly love that there’s this little yellow detailing here too I have actually posted Instagram photos and outfits with pretty much all these nike vapormax womens that I literally showed you guys the reason for that is because all these sneakers didn’t come at one so I’ve been holding off on doing this video because I obviously wanted to do them as a whole together so it’s a long video like it’s an actual video not like two sneaker haul or like once they’re all I’m saying these ones definitely I think these ones are literally my favorite I’ve been wanting these forever I’m getting ah ah since we’re kind of on an icy little live I’m going to start off with the third pair these ones are the nike vapormax womens and ┬áNike Women’s Air Max 270’s I’m so happy I got these and a black and white I’m so happy I have these in like a light pink and I feel like they go with a lot of things but at the same time a black sneaker will go with so many more things of course obviously that’s a given I had to pop these ones how to love this clear sole on the end here and just like you know just everything about it I like this white detailing here and then there’s a little bit of mesh just on the front and on the side and then it says 270 I just honestly nike vapormax womens has just been picking up their fucking game and it’s just been making me go bro basically these ones are very true to size up size 6 they fit so good so comfortable it’s literally like I’m walking on fucking clouds like I just love them they are so comfortable I can wear them every single day you can throw the one with anything and I’ll have fun and the last nike vapormax womens is the nike one and I don’t know if I’m saying this right dear runner dear oh dear oh dear group I don’t know why that sounds so weird to me but anyways I went into full Locker together day what I thought those two seventies I was looking at these Anita’s and I was like oh my lord I have seen these everywhere but I just haven’t been able to put my hand on it or get it obviously I asked the girls you have my size and show no we actually don’t but you can order it can i order it here so about nike vapormax womens yeah you have an order feels like oh my god thank God because I was like I can’t find these online anywhere it’s really happy that you order them for me but these are the white ones with the coral stripe here and I know I got a lot of messages I find the one with the coral on it honestly I just lucked out and I found them in store and I was like hallelujah like I wanted these so so bad and I just realized it’s a fucking stain on it these are actually kids I got them in a size four and a half these are so comfortable as well I have no complaints about these I’m so happy that I got these I need to pick up my game with Akitas honestly I probably have four pairs of Adidas and two those are Easy’s and the other two are these ones and my adidas Originals it’s like it’s so hard Canada doesn’t sell good and he does or like Reeboks or anything like that they just sell the regular shit like the Jordans and the nike vapormax womens so that is it for my sneaker trying all I know there was only four pairs but let me tell you my bank account be like girl four pairs it’s not to show you guys the sneakers that I bought so if you guys are looking for any inspiration or anything like that make sure you are following my Instagram I will link it down below make sure you hit that subscribe button if you didn’t enjoy this video look this video if you want to see more Tryon halls just nike vapormax womens addition I’ll make sure to do it for you guys thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye

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