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today I’m reviewing the brand new nike vapormax mens to point out shoutout to my girlfriend for that by the way she’s best thank you all so much for tuning in make sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet and want to see more reviews just like this one also make sure to give me a follow over on instagram and on twitter at real seth fowler but with all that out of the way let’s get into it last year around air max de nike debuted the first nike vapormax mens i wasn’t a huge fan but it doesn’t matter what I think because it was a huge success I’ve really tried to love the vapor max I’ve had multiple pairs but honestly it’s just not my thing so in honor of the one-year anniversary of vapor Max dropping and Ikey decided to drop a new version of the sneaker the vapor max 2.0 I’m gonna try not let my bias cloud this review because honestly it’s a very similar shoe so without further ado let’s jump right into the sneaker here it is the nike vapormax mens jumping right to the sneaker just like last year’s model the entire upper is covered in black planning based on consumer feedback Nike did make some changes to the fly knit the first thing that it wasn’t as stretchy and the second being that’s a little bit thicker that’s probably for more durability and more containment I personally didn’t notice a huge difference the Flannan comes and it’s pretty much all black almost dr. doom s colorway there are a couple like small hits of dark grey around the edges but from a distance it just all looks black around the toe of the shoe Nike added the smoky grey translucent piece of TPU for added durability not a huge fan of it visually but it’s there and I guess it’s not that noticeable continuing up the shoe you’ve got your flat black laces weaving through the sort of dark grey fly wire fly wire is a nike vapormax mens technology where these wires or threads weave throughout the upper of the shoe the laces then loop through the fly wire so when you tighten the laces it actually pulls these wires together which in turn tighten the entire upper of the shoe around your foot it definitely works and that’s why Nike uses it and pretty much all they’re flying it upper sneakers continuing up the shoe you’ve got your black fly net tongue of course at the top of the tongue you’ve got your nike vapormax mens branding inside the shoe there’s not really any padding to speak of your foot is pretty much just up against bare fly in it and that’s because one of Nikes goals with the shoe is to give you a true one-to-one fit and I’ve got to say if you grabbed the right size you do get a pretty solid fit the inside of the shoe is rounded off with a black insole with vapor Max branding and white on the heel as for fit the nike vapor max 2.0 fits pretty much the same as the original nike vapormax mens the area around the toe is just a tad wider so it’s a little bit better for wide footers but other than that the fit is pretty much the same I go true to size on nike vapormax mens and that’s what I’d probably suggest for you as well however if you do have a wider foot even though they changed up the sizing a little bit around the toe it still runs relatively narrow so I’d maybe suggest going up half the size as always though if you have a chance to try the shoe on first before you buy it make sure to do that to make sure the sizing is right for you continuing back on the shoe on the lateral side you have a much smaller white Nike swoosh than you had on the previous version gotta say even though it’s a small change I definitely don’t like it as much as the original not only that but nike vapormax mens actually removed some of the fuse overlay that used to be in the mid foot of the shoe so I guess that tiny part of the shoe is a little bit more flexible I guess moving around to the medial side Nike changed up some things once again they added this little piece of black fuse overlay with the white Nike swoosh a little bit farther forward from the mid foot now getting to the part of the sneaker that I actually like less on this version than I did on the original version the heel counter and Ikey decided to add these sort of weird split perforated heel counter pieces they’re not like plastic Arnie it just seems like an extra piece of fuse overlay to be honest but the shape of them kind of throws me off it takes away from the simplicity of the upper and I know that’s ironic because the bottom is farthest thing from simple but one of the saving graces of the original nike vapormax mens at least in my opinion was how nice the upper look Nikes gone and somehow made it a little bit worse it’s not bad but it’s just not as good by adding that weird black perforated heel counter that on other colorways is a different color than the rest of the upper which I think looks terrible of course these additions are for added heel lockdown and while I was wearing the shoe I didn’t notice it too much but it definitely wasn’t worse than it was in the original that’s just totally my opinion again I shouldn’t be letting my bias get in the way of the shoe it is actually a good shoe continuing around to the back of the shoe you’ve got this black pull tab that no longer has the nike vapormax mens branding instead it’s actually just got this 3m line moving down the sneaker you get to the mouthguard I’m sorry BAE / Mac’s midsole the midsole also comes in this sort of smoky dark grey the vapor Maxx midsole is definitely unique because of the amount of air or nike vapormax mens in the heel area you definitely get a nice sort of bounce on heel strikes but I mean at what cost the right of the midsole itself is pretty comfortable and I actually don’t mind the way that it feels and finally moving to the bottom of the shoe you get a better view of the articulated nike vapormax mens units I don’t think I have the right foot type for this sneaker because as you can see there are these areas here that have a little bit more rubber on them for added durability and I’m assuming that’s where Nike thinks that your foot is actually landing when you walk but I found whenever I walk my heel strikes a little bit closer to the medial side and there isn’t a thicker rubber piece there so it actually compresses more than the rest of the heel so I get this sort of weird unstable feeling and I don’t really like that at all but like I said it could just be me and based on the sales of the sneaker I don’t think Nike has a problem overall the nike vapormax mens is a somewhat unnecessary addition to the Nike Vapor max line there are a few subtle variations like the added piece on the toe box and the heel for added durability because obviously the shoe is being marketed for performance more than the lifestyle for someone like myself that would only wear the vapor max for lifestyle the editions don’t really change anything for me and I definitely think I prefer the original vapor max to the vapor Max 2.0 with that being said that’s all my opinion I do think it’s a good shoe overall I just don’t think the fit really works for me both the midsole and the upper are comfortable and some people really like the way the shoe looks and I’ve got to be honest the off-white version of the shoe doesn’t look too bad but I think that might just be the hype kitten to me a lot of people don’t think this is a bad looking sneaker and I think it can come in some really nice colorways but just in general for nike vapormax mens isn’t my thing the vapor Max 2.0 retails for 190 dollars and is available at all Nike retailers we’ve got there a view out of the way let’s throw these guys on feet and see how they look [Music] make sure to leave a comment in the comment section down below letting me know what you think of the nike vapormax mens and whether you’re planning to grab a pair for yourself and as always guys thank you so much for watching please make sure to give this video a big thumbs up if you liked it subscribe to me Seth Fowler if you want to see more content 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