nike tanjun womens

the nike tanjun womens  ten ones these are in a size 11 so I’m just gonna give you an overview about like what the box looks like and the shoe itself these are some of the most comfortable shoes I have purchased but I do feel like there are a couple cons to these shoes but I’ll get inside a little bit later but just to give you guys an overview of everything that is purchased with this shoe and then just the box and the shoe itself so it does say comfort sock liner which is nice they’re just like a nike tanjun womens box thank you bye and these are the shoes so this is what the shoe looks like ,the back of the shoe , okay so starting off this shoe I don’t know if you guys can see it but the shoe is white right here white right here white right here and it does have a white light kind of like mesh like mesh styling to the shoe but like a little the parts on the inside are kind of like grayish to me I have people say it was white it kind of looks great to me but I guess it depends on the way you look like but in the sunlight like the whole shoe kind of is just like a white shoe at that point do you love the shoe just because the bottom is kind of like foaming so it’s very comfortable to walk like in and also like I said though it’s a shoe as much I would never wear these to the gym though just because they are white and I don’t know if you guys can tell when I got this this part was like white now it’s kind of nike tanjun womens like a little bit like yeah and I’m only where I’ve worn these less than ten times so that’s the other like kind of like kind of the shoe like it probably still looks white but they’re like if you look up closer its parts that it got dirty really quickly another thing about this shoe too is don’t wear these when it’s raining like your whole foot is gonna be wet like that this is not like a rain shoe you could wear these when you work out I just personally don’t just because the gyms at my college or dirty and I wore it once to working out and this happened and like I said guys I don’t haven’t worn these nike tanjun womens more than ten times they’re just kind of one of those things that I saw and I was like like I really need this shoe like I love this shoe and I wear this like with my some of my outfits that I think it like goes well with but never to like do like over extraneous work in another good thing about this shoe – it is a walking shoe I think it feels so comfortable when you’re walking for like a long amount of times so I love the shoe for that but the other thing that I can say about this shoe – is like just be very careful it’s like I said it gets too dirty very quickly I remember I was just like you know what I’m gonna wear these to class because it really went well was my outfit and I was like you know what like this shoe is like gonna be a good shoe I wore these nike tanjun womens to class and I thought it might be on this year I don’t know if you guys are gonna be able to see this but where is it up here I don’t know if you guys can see I hate damaged the top of these shoes so bad and I actually haven’t worn these since the summer and it is January right now so that says a lot about the way I feel about these nike tanjun womens these aren’t the most expensive shoes that I’ve ever purchased they are affordable but I just say only really like invest in them if you are comfortable with like how quickly they get dirty and then something as well is that not even at oh and I don’t know if you guys can see this part but yeah this part is really dirty but also like if you’re not one of those people who are gonna keep looking down at their feet every 10 seconds if you decide to wear these nike tanjun womens and you go out and you’re like oh man I’m just disappointed because I am one of those people especially when it comes to like no wear shoes that I purchased I get very upset if I find out that like my shoe got damaged or something happened to it but if you are not one of those people at all you’re like you know what I’ll clean it later and I like wearing them for the comfortability opposed to like the way they look and these are good purchase and just to let you guys know I do have these nike tanjun womens in two different styles so the only reason I’m not like really complaining when it comes to these and I only wear these really when it comes to like special occasions is the fact that like I do have these in other styles so I do have the red ones with the white nike tanjun womens signs and the black ones with the white Nike signs and these shoes are very cool to me because if you go to like different websites and they do have them on Amazon as well you can get the Nike decide like they have it where the nike tanjun womens sign is like like like designed or like fine for the way you like it and I think that is very cool and also something another cool thing about these shoes too is the tongue is mush too and I love this I don’t know if you guys have ever purchased a shoe where the tongue has been like tiny or it’s like been one of the things that hurts your feet this shoe is so comfortable like I wear my red ones all the time this shoe is like one of the most comfortable nike tanjun womens I’ve ever purchased and like I said again guys it does have a foam bottom and like a mesh part so so comfortable they’re not expensive at all like they’re very affordable and this is what the bottom looks like I so sorry for the dirty bottom but like I said and and this is just what they look like from the top from the side and you can’t get these nike tanjun womens customized the way you like it but they do have them in other styles like I said and this is just what they look like

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