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so I’ve been looking at the comment section and a lot of people have been asking for a slide comparison video so I wanted to give you guys my comparison thoughts on eight different nike slides men on the open market right now and let you guys know which ones are the most comfortable and the least comfortable in my opinion what is going on guys TAS here Collective kicks comm if you guys would like to shop this week’s top sneaker deals that I curate for you guys check the link in the description and happy shopping as well as if you guys actually want to buy any of these nike slides men out on the table I will try to link all of them in order in the description as well but basically I wanted to break it down and go from least comfortable to most comfortable but I really just wanted to make this video to let you guys know what I personally prefer on my feet for the slide we collectively have a lot of sneakers out there and obviously you don’t wear sneakers 24/7 so I figured I’d show you guys easy ones but if you guys have suggestions for other slides that I’m not showing you guys in this video leave a comment and let me know in the comment section what nike slides men am I missing and then I can maybe do a full top 10 because I only have 8 pairs here for this video and then maybe I’ll do a top 10 in the future but yeah hopefully leave those comments and let’s go ahead and get into the video I’ll start off with my least comfortable and then work our way up to the most comfortable alright so a quick breakdown of the least favourite to the most favorite out of all eight sandals that I tried the sandal boys joints on the bottom of the barrel for myself unfortunately love the concept behind what they’re doing but just comfort wise it’s not it I got these from complex con a couple years ago shot of differente lations when he was with Santa boys that was the only reason why I bought these though friendly shion’s is the homie and like I got these cuz of Fran but this company without friend like I haven’t had any interest in these nike slides men the foundation of the slides inside and out just feel like a really cheap hard plastic it was actually one of the things I was the most surprised about with these sandals they’re just not very amazing quality especially when these are the most expensive ones on the entire table that means that you’re buying hype more or less with these because they have limited quick strikes next in line with that are the EZ joints these are not comfortable at all for me if I got a larger size they’d probably be better but the section atop the cross just kills it for me not worth the money in my opinion for 55 bucks these ones are the most polarizing just weirdest looking ones I think of the group kind of remind you of the Crocs ones in a sense because it is all one molded piece which is weird then you have the weird little shark ridges on the bottom of the nike slides men which actually feel pretty good when you’re walking around the material is really soft the downside is this section right here is so incredibly tough it’s the most uncomfortable across this section at least for myself because it is too snug so I went with a size 9 instead of a size 10 and I should have got a size 10 especially with socks on I had to go half a size up with these they just don’t fit next we have the regular croc nike slides men are not uncomfortable but they’re not amazing on feet in this color I got for like 1350 which there’s a reason because it’s super bright across the top of your foot these ones don’t have the best cushioning it kind of irritates my foot a little bit but not a ton because it is pretty wide foot friendly I got a nike slides men size 10 so I didn’t go true to size that went up half a size so instead of a 9 I went with a 10 and it was a smart move because these fit me perfectly next up I’m actually happy a deal it cloud bum nike slides men and a lot of people are gonna agree with me on this this could be a people’s top of their list but for me personally the way that I slide around in these it just makes this one one that I’m gonna wear in the house don’t get me wrong they’re super squishy and comfortable but sometimes the ultimate squishiness just doesn’t equal the maximum amount of comfort but they lack a little bit of structure so there is a downside to that for those people that want more structure these kind of lack that structure and just for my personal feed I prefer these other ones over these ones next up is the adidas boost and nike slides men this is the one that I think most people were anticipating and I was anticipating these shoes for forever years now because this is something that I’ve been wanted to have adidas make a reality unfortunately it’s just not executed as well as I would have liked there’s a couple things I really like there’s a couple things I don’t like the first things first is the boost it’s not really that felt and on top of the boost there’s like a little felt section which is overtaking more of the upper than it probably should and because of it just I can’t feel the boost very well on that also there is a full traction on the outsole so it feels like a sandwich a boost that like doesn’t work very well and it’s really thin in other places like in the front toe section where maybe I was hoping for a little bit more thickness so if they like double the boost size on here I bet it would be amazing the cover over top is actually really nice and the three starts are rubberized and there’s a lot more traction on these than the other joints so if you’re looking for something that has more of a firm feeling and like more structure than what the cloud foams offer these are definitely a step in the right direction but that means said it’s just not worth the $60 in my opinion for the nike slides men especially when there’s so many other good options on the market if you got these on sale I got it for like 20 something dollars super deal might as well get them it’s definitely something I’m gonna be wearing it’s just not as comfortable as I anticipated but that being said I am looking forward to seeing what adidas does in the future hopefully they make some adjustments and make like a really comfortable boost slide because I know they can do it especially since they have so many other really comfortable nike slides men out here next up for the Nike solar soft joints right here I don’t know if it’s been a skier Besant I always want to call them the base on ease but I think there but the Benassi or whatever these are actually really comfortable good structure really soft and squishy where you need it on the nike slides men probably one of the ones that people recognize the most this is the solar soft version there are a bunch of different versions but this is the one that I have that I’ve worn a ton it’s really really soft the solar soft one specifically is really really soft and rubbery and great on feet I would say for an average slide for about $30 or so these things are really good on feet all in all it’s just a really good slide in general on feet and I’ve had these ones for years and I wear them all the time so the number one or two spot of the slide category this was actually a really close one to be honest because these were so incredibly good on feet these are the Crocs light ride nike slides men and this is just another pair that I bought because I wanted ones that look like slides and not just like regular Crocs and these are the biggest surprise of the entire group I shouldn’t actually be that surprised because these really remind me of the other Crocs light pairs of sneakers that I reviewed that are just mega mega comfortable and in fact I gave my pair way unfortunately I kind of wish I did because they were like perfect for the beach and stuff the nike slides men that I had but now I have these and these are surprisingly excellent the Crocs light material is really really good it’s super soft and squishy on your feet you can feel it all the way through there’s a little button on the bottom here there’s a lot of foundation and structure to the to the sandal as well and all in all these things felt perfect size 9 is what I went with I believe and they fit me perfectly fine which is interesting because these are size 10 and you could see they look pretty much the same size so size 9 size 10 these to me perfect these to me perfect so just weird the sizing of everything and for the rest of the nike slides men out here I went with like a nine usually or nine and a half if they had that option but usually slides only offer full sizes but these ones were the sleepers out of the group that I was like okay whatever another pair of slides to try and these ones I think might be my favorite ones out of the agreement only 20 bucks to the downside is like it’s a crock slide so I know I have a lot of expensive type sneakers and stuff in my collection and I’m not embarrassed to be wearing these but I know that there’s a lot of people that would be embarrassed to be wearing Crocs nike slides men like you just have to be comfortable with yourself and literally what better way to be comfortable with yourself is by being comfortable with yourself so I’m not embarrassed by the Crocs slides these things are amazing on feet the croc slide is no joke if you’ve never tried it go to a croc store just trust me try it out you’ll be pleasantly surprised especially if you guys like bounce and boost and cloud foam and all those other things try these out the Crocs light amazing technology really really good on feet the best cushioning and structure ratio to any of the nike slides men out here in my opinion for a slide that was twenty bucks like this one is definitely one that I recommend when I go to Hawaii I actually might take these ones with me just because they were so great and also I’m throwing this out there if you guys want to see me do a review of a regular croc clog nike slides men I’m actually gonna be doing one so like stay tuned in the channel I bought a pair just to wear casually around the house and do a video on just because I figured it’s fun to be able to go back and do random videos like that and my kid wears them all the time you know he’s a smart kid so maybe he’s onto something anyway I’ll be doing that video later on this channel so be sure to subscribe hit that notification value be notified of when the videos show up number one that slide though out of all of them in my opinion goes to this one right here which is an interesting choice this is the Alpha balanced slide from adidas and it is shaped like the Alpha Balance nike slides men in a sense it has a really really soft cushioning system it feels really really like the cloud foam one but the the midsole is in case a little bit more and do a harder rubber material that makes up the slide just really soft where it needs to be and it has a lot of traction where it needs also the fact that there is an adjustable strap makes this one a heavy weight container because literally for heavy weights if you need extra wiggle room here then you can open up that strap a little bit and let your foot breathe a little bit more so that’s the reason why these ones are the number one just overall the way that these fell on my feet it’s definitely the number one spot with a very very close second to the crocks light joints right there but but that’s eight different nike slides men that I wanted to review for you guys and give you guys my breakdown of least comfortable to most comfortable and hopefully you guys found value in it if you guys did like this video please drop a like on the video and much appreciate it if you guys do that but yeah man you guys asked for it I finally delivered you guys have other suggestions for videos that you guys would like to see my ears are wide open check me out on Twitter or Instagram or you know just shoot me a note let me know what you guys would like to see definitely trying to actively create content for you guys in 2020 but thank you guys for stopping by and watching and hopefully this was informative to you guys check the link in the description if you were trying to buy any of these nike slides men and I’ll try to link all of them and have a good rest of the day peace guys

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