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r really exciting video for you today it’s release day and actually it’s two days of releases we got the nike react flyknit element 87 in two colorways also today we got the adidas Pharrell byw in the pink colorway and I believe it’s the choc pink colorway and the black and pink colorway so definitely gonna be trying for that as well hoping to see if you know I’m really hoping I get both hoping you guys get both or at least one of them hey if we can get one out of two I’ll be happy with that I think both of these are gonna be really really limited and I’m excited because I’m gonna pair this together with tomorrow’s release as well with the dawn sees I don’t know what you guys think I know a lot of people are down on the dawn see and I’m not the biggest fan of most of the colorways so the traditional kind of like whiting and blue or white and all you know those regular like I think there’s calling them the legacy 3-1 to nike react flyknit pack release but the lime-green joints are real for sure those are serious I mean it looks like the leathers premium on all the pairs but I know the ones for tomorrow that are releasing the blue and the white and the lime-green are like that nice tumble leather from what I’ve seen that nike react flyknit pack ones the choc pink the lime-green and you know where the silhouettes mostly light with a little hint of want lime-green and then the other one is all white with almost like a bronze color I’m just really not a fan of those it just kind of reminds me of like a typical Geordie and white silhouette but I don’t know a lot of people are hating Sam why didn’t Donn see make his own silhouette I think it’s dope it kind of reminds me of this physics which don’t get much hype but honestly I’ve got several pairs of those and I love those men a lot of people I never see any people wearing them but I had the dope colorways that come out for those I mean they’re sick it’s like a combination between a three a five a six it’s got the elephant print I mean they’re dope and now the legacy three one two it makes sense it’s kind of like a combination between a 1 2 2 and a 3 it may be a 5 and with the strap I mean they’re dope when I first saw all of them I wasn’t too big on them but that lime green colorway is serious definitely trying to cop that to but let’s talk about the nike react flyknit element 87 real quick you got that black colorway with the see-through panel and then you got the OG white and red color way which is sick me personally I like the white and red color way better be see-through gray panel on the black pair is you know so basically what’s gonna happen with that as I’ve seen some pictures so when you the sock game is gonna be real with this but on the white pair it’s like a really really clear panel so if you wear red socks green socks pink socks that color is gonna come through and you can kind of make that nike react flyknit and and style that up and design that how you want and that’s what’s gonna be really cool it reminds me of kind of like what they did with some of those like I think the Travis Scott’s and there was another couple area they’ve done it with a bunch of pairs at the velcro multiple different nike react flyknit swooshes that you can flip upside down different colors different kind of like patches that you could put on there I mean with the velcro I mean you could get any kind of patch you want from something that’s not even from Nike and put it on that so it’s really dope that nike react flyknit coming out with these silhouettes that you can kind of customize the thing with the black pair they’re dope too I think they would have been a lot better if they had the black midsole and black outsole I think I’ve seen that on another pair that’s supposed to be releasing later it might be an undercover release they also have like a red green and blue undercover release that they’re talking about and that thing is insane I mean if they come out with that I’m gonna have to get that but like I said new silhouette there’s a lot of hype behind it it’s got the nike react flyknit it’s got that cork insole which is supposed to be like super comfortable the shoes just dope I mean I mean great job Nike I mean they’ve been doing so much of this Jordan one after Jordan one don’t get me wrong Jordan one’s my favorite silhouette and I like the classic colorways when they start coming out with the cop pinks and like half and half split colors I’m not the biggest fan but real quick let’s get back into what I was saying about the black and gray nike react flyknit element 87 the thing is you have the see-through so when you wear socks you’ll see the pattern itself but you’re not really gonna see the color as much so on the pairs that I’ve seen where people have rock socks there’s another tan pair where the see-through screen is not completely see-through it’s like see-through with tin like with its own color to match the shoe the ones that have this see-through part that has color kind of blurs out the color of the sock so you’ll have the styling of the sock you know on your calf that you can see but the part where it’s actually see-through in the nike react flyknit you can really only see a little bit of what the pattern is and not as much of the color and you guys will see that if youth you know when you get them hopefully you get them or if you check out pics online but that’s why I’m really big on the white and red ones and I think they’re gonna sell out really quick I would highly recommend figuring out if you’re if you’re trying to go for both of them go for though obviously go for the one that you like more I don’t think I’m gonna try to go for both but I don’t think I’m gonna have time I’m gonna go for the white and reds–with Gerber try to go for the black bear but I’m just really gonna focus on the white your red ones first try to get that all process through I mean I’ll be checked out for the white and black ones before I even get a notification because it usually says pending for ten minutes before you even know before it says purchased or you failed or whatever and you didn’t get them but anyways let me know what you guys think about these pairs let me know you think about the Don C’s coming out tomorrow let me know even let me know about those adidas Pharrell’s I’m really curious to see I don’t really like them honestly I love most of like those nerd and Indies that just came out sick the previous nerds that came out sick almost every colorway is sick from that line but this particular model the like Rastafarian colorway the yellow red and green that was a dope colorway the one that came out for 747 warehouse sick but so limited that nobody can get it unless you how crazy connects or unless you’re willing you know you you you know you know forelli you’re gonna pay a thousand dollars for that pair i really wish they would have gone another way with that I wish they would have done and I’m sure there’ll be other colorways but just two colorways both with the pink I don’t know I guess for for the female gang it’s dope if that’s their colors and stuff and you like this silhouette but for me I mean I’m gonna try to go for them for resale purposes I think they’re probably gonna be around you know four or five hundred dollars after people get them and they’re you know completely out there maybe even more I don’t know I’ve been seeing different things I’ve been hearing different things seeing different numbers and you know ahead of the release I’m seeing anywhere from five hundred eight hundred on stock X but as we know and those pairs drop the price will drop they’ll probably go down and maybe even I don’t know 300 350 but I think they’re gonna go up there so definitely try to get those for resale if that’s something you guys are interested but for this video the nike react flyknit 87 s and the Don C’s I mean we gotta get it guys all right so let’s see the Nike reacts react 87 just get the pre cool so I don’t understand that says prequel critical react to them in 87 but you got the nike react flyknit 87 s are just dope I’m gonna be trying to cop these today definitely definitely want this pair I like both of them the the black ones are actually really really dope to the the black and clear ones the only thing with that though is I feel like you guys know how to sneak errs works and you’re gonna have to kind of choose between one and the other because I don’t think there’s any way that I’m gonna be able to cop the white and red joints and at the same time be able to get this pair too there’s just not gonna be enough time I mean I can give it a shot but I feel like in the time it takes you know you got to click it then accept Gotham takes about like two to three seconds if you’re fast with it but I feel like these are just gonna sell out really really fast so I don’t know my recommendation is pick the one you like more go for that first you know and then try to get the other pair you might not get either them I might not get either of them but at least that way if you only get one you get the one that you want more I mean honestly I think that these are gonna have a lot of resale value and I just think like I don’t know I just think these are gonna have a lot of resale value and I’m not gonna be paying like three four hundred dollars for these so if I don’t get these on release day I don’t know it’s probably not a nike react flyknit that I’m gonna be going after but I definitely want it so I’m trying to get it for for resale so if I can get that pair I feel like the newer pairs that are gonna be coming out are probably gonna be less expensive as you know it’s the original it’s the first picture right here’s dope check out some total picture these yeah the white and the Reds are just off the hook like the blacks are dope too but I just feel like it’s the seed through parts gray it’s not gonna be as good for like like as far as the nike react flyknit these these ones go like SOT game is real like anything you put in that is gonna reflect through so you can kind of its kind of dope cuz you can make that shoot whatever you want it to be you know what I mean I I don’t know I don’t know if it’s possible but I even had an idea of like China don’t steal my idea but like I thought it might not work but like what if you got an LED light and you kind of like with just one of the flat strips with a like a little battery pack and you put it under where the shoelace part is where like that leather part is where the shoelace is and then it you wouldn’t see the strip itself but it will kind of give like a glow through the see-through on top of the dope socks you were wearing now I’m gonna shut up now cuz I’m gonna try to do that somebody else is gonna copy me but yeah these these are fire like let me see if I can try to find a good picture of like somebody rocking these with like dope socks on but yeah definitely trying to get these definitely trying tomorrow definitely trying to get those those dot those Don sees I’m not a big fan of any of the other colorways but that lime our key lime green colorway is fire so I don’t know we’ll see what happens I got a do one thing at a time here so I got to try to cop these today too um but I’m trying to give both pairs like this pair right here like I think this one is releasing tis is gonna be the undercover collab I’ve seen several undercover like collab pics I don’t know if this is a Photoshop or whatever but I’m gonna be going for these hard if these release like there’s there’s a ton like this is the other one another undercover one even this one’s dope I like the other one insane that one’s probably gonna be impossible to get by like trying to see if I can find a picture here of see like this guy has socks but see if you wear them with a gray or white sock it’s just gonna you know you that’s what you’re gonna wear to bring out the shoe itself by itself let’s see nike react flyknit element with crazy socks let’s just put that in real quick come on help me out here see there’s those dope s that’s yo those are insane I see it still see through here a little bit you can see the design of his socks but because it’s that’s kind of gonna be like what the black and gray ones would be I think you’ll see the design but you won’t get the color see it still seems yellow but you still seem to design I think that’s what’s gonna happen with these the black and the gray but with the clear ones the original white and red pair that’s what’s gonna be dope cuz I’ve seen pictures of it and like if you wear green socks it’s gonna be green if you wear red socks it’s gonna be red so you can really style come on no images in here at all this is just like a an image search see so split with socks I can’t find it it’s fine but I just wanted to see if I could give you guys that picture I haven’t seen a ton of them on YouTube Instagram of people rocking it with just crazy socks that turn the shoe I think that why the reason they’re doing this is because they’re trying to sell the silhouette of the shoe first it’s not nike react flyknit putting those pictures out it’s individual people like oh my got these look at how you know but that’s cool it’s a customizable shoot like a lot of those nike react flyknit that have the velcro with the you know multiple color Nike swoosh Azure patches or whatever that they have see they got people wearing the different colored socks with those but not with the white pair here we go again I mean this pair this to see this is a little bit different color but any one of these undercover collabs if they do any of those this one’s my favorite I’ll go back and show you guys that one more time I mean that’s gonna be sick I’m gonna I’m gonna have to go for these hard and then now that would probably be a pair if it’s not too crazy I would probably have to get him on reso if they were like if I didn’t get him on release day and they were like 250-300 I might jump I might jump on them and get them chopped them off like stock X or go or see if somebody on lines got a pair but anyways with that yeah we got a little while before the release so let me hop off of here get my computer set up and everything but basically I want to do [Music] see if I can combine this yeah yeah that would be dope instead of just doing today and doing the react I’ll try to see if I can do the cop for both so the nike react flyknit and the Don sees the keyline Don season and do a video with both shoes and if I can’t both of them so I wait til tomorrow when all is said and done and then either way if I lose both I’ll put that in and then if I get them you know you guys will know and also to let me know let me know if you guys got these let me know if you like them let me know if you hate them you know let me know if you’re just gonna go for the reacts and not the Don Cesar you’re just gonna go for the Don C’s and not the reacts I’m kind of curious to see what people are gonna be doing and like I said good luck we got to dope silhouettes coming up both by nike react flyknit I’m also gonna try to go for the adidas Pharrell’s but those are probably gonna be dumb limited and really just for Risa I’m not really a big fan of that pink color way not it you get the black ones with the pink but I don’t know there’s just something about that byw it’s growing on me a little bit but I’m not the biggest fan so with that let me kind of shut things down here I got to get set up for this release and I’m gonna put this stuff all together for you guys once I get it set up tomorrow when I figure out what’s going on with that hey guys what’s going on I got some really really awesome news I just copped the white and red oh gee nike react flyknit element 87 the light boom colorway that we were talking about I just got them I just got the confirmation it was sitting and pending for a while I didn’t get the black pair unfortunately like I said just in time of copying that which was really only like three to five seconds these sold out quick I mean really really quick I hope you guys had good luck like I said let me know down below in the comments if you guys got these what you thought about the release but I just want to let you guys know I got the first W I unfortunately didn’t get I mean I said I went I used another device and I went on adidas and I had the the Pharrell byw ‘s I had multiple pairs all the way to cart pass CAPTCHA and to the point of processing payment and I heard this from several other people it just kept kicking them back to the process payment but you know what no hard feelings I got the nike react flyknit element 87 s and those are dope I can’t wait so they come in in the mail and as soon as they do I’m gonna get you guys that review that on foot I’m pumped I’m pumped so excited I can’t believe I got those I mean they sold out fast fast guys I’m gonna have to look and see what you guys are saying down in comments hop on Instagram and Twitter and see how people did but I got them thanks for watching guys don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and smash that notification bell have a great weekend it’s he kicks come out you

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