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thought it was dead but I’m not I’m here okay we all know why you are here you’re here for the review of new nike pegasus womens 35 like all aboard the hype train woo it’s alright I’m on it it’s fine I’m just kidding okay so I just want you to know that um or I just want to say thank you very much to nike pegasus womens for letting me go to your event and Dallas to your big sturdy Pike City 35 event it was very fun and I learned a lot and I met great people it’s pretty much the time of my life so um thank you so much for that all the thank-yous so um I will get into everything that maybe he taught me while I was out there checking out their new shoe because it was actually a pretty awesome shoe so the new update has a ton of things that make it a fast lightweight just a great nike pegasus womens in comparison and doable it’s something that like say you like I don’t have something very fast very responsive and you’re just the flash when it comes to running this is gonna be your best friend so um one of the cool things that they changed up to silhouette a little bit it has this little dip in the heel and it I will say the new model feels like it has somewhat of a rocker effect so it’s almost like propels you so once you start to go in my situation fast it just feels like you’re just like getting them extra pep to your step so it has a this little beveled heel so that it doesn’t strain your Achilles and it doesn’t cause blisters with this new model there’s only four eyelets instead of five so there’s more room in the toe box there’s double layered mesh for breathability there so a lot or crash wall for durability as well they have changed out the little doodads right in here so that they’re smaller you don’t feel them when you press onto the nike pegasus womens with more impact and the zoom pocket actually now goes all throughout the shoe and it’s right underneath the sock liner kind of how Saucony does their ever run right underneath or sock render as well that’s a good comparison if you have had a pair of Saucony nike pegasus womens that is what it is in comparison to in my opinion so it also has the let’s undo it so you can see what I’m talking about okay so the the tongue is now connected so it’s not gonna be moving around all over the place which is very convenient a very good thing and it has reflective so if you’re running at night you won’t get run over who doesn’t love that right so it’s also supposed to be inspired by the Nike 4% so if for whatever reason you’re just a normal human being like me and everyone else in the world and just didn’t get your hands on the 4% well here you go have this native nike pegasus womens no it actually is very good and another really cool thing that I found out at the event is that the shoe is made to they made a women’s specific shoe and then a men’s specific shoe because women have more sensitive feet so they tailored to a woman’s foot for the woman’s specific one I really appreciate that because holla for a dollar I am a girl and I’m all about that girl power can I tell you about this bad boy this is actually the most tested mic issue so they made 27 modeled before they actually came out with a nike pegasus womens 35 so that’s like this um this model took a lot of trial and error to get it to this point which it is a great shoe it really is I will say I’m not the fastest of people so when I started to slow down I since I obviously took this shirt on a long run a short run a tempo run all these things I wanted to see what is this shoe and do I love it because I’ve been so am i that I better give a darn good review so on my long runs I did experience the feeling of starting to fight back against a nike pegasus womens because of the fact that I was not being fast enough this guy was like stop being such a slowpoke you are slowing down and I’m ready to keep going because it does have that sounds like effect so it did not let me slow down I was very tired when I got home because of this guy but when I took it out on a shorter tempo riding it was just like I felt like I was flying I was just like oh yeah I’m going so fast and then I took it to the gym and I did a treadmill speed workout in it also same thing felt super good went to the track did a track workout in it felt the best and so I realize that this is the kind of nike pegasus womens I’m only gonna pull up when I’m being Speedy Gonzales Pomona or when I am feeling like I just had the best meal the day before and I just am on top of my game and I’m ready to go as fast as the world can take me as fast as the world can take me and I I did really loved it so anyone who’s fast or anyone who’s looking for a good tempo shoe anyone who’s looking for a good track shifts not a spike anyone who’s looking anyone who does a lot of hit workouts at the gym on the treadmill this is going to be your best friend it feels super bouncy it feels super responsive and like I said it a little bit of that metatarsal rocker like feel so if you’ve tried the zoom flier if you for whatever reason tried out the nike pegasus womens for percent then it’s gonna feel like that if you were maybe I the night UB ox for whatever reason and you just were not down to throw down that 150 this guy comes in at the 1 to 120 price but it’s already it used to be 110 and then they bumped it up to 120 because they added a lot more features to it so now it’s gonna be in competition with all those 120 price points so that’s really good and it’s a light light nike pegasus womens so along with what I was talking on how they changed up the design in the bottom for a little bit there is this little guidance line cut out and this cow is actually there’s nothing cut out the foam because you don’t actually need it in that spot so it took out extra weight so for men I believe it’s weighing in at 10 point 7 ounces and for women at seven point something else’s is out of it oh wait no just kidding I like take that back to that walk so four minutes weighing in at nine point four ounces in a size nine and for women it’s weighing at seven point something else is out of size seven so it’s around that seven Ellis area for women but yes it is very lightweight the only thing I will say is that if your foot is a little bit more on the rounded side if it’s not the thinnest of feet I did notice that my poor little Sasquatch feet were getting a little bit tied in here it just it was not a wide enough fit for me even though they did take off one of the the little loopy doodads there used to be five now there’s four they took one out to make more room for your toes but my foot is let’s see if it there’s no spirit in my room just kidding oh my goodness no there’s not I hope there’s not okay so they changed that up but my foot was still a little too wide for it even though I gotta say stubborn instead of the size six in half because I thought that it was gonna run short just like all the other nike pegasus womens do doesn’t run short get the true size that you normally get in your running shoe but it does run narrow so if your foot isn’t the most narrow then this guy may be a little bothersome for you just like it was for me but that was that that’s my own personal problem and going out to the size seven did make it a little bit better and when I do sugar runs i feet don’t fall as much so I was fine so it’s more of like on the long runs that it was a little bit abrasive and bothered some of it was fine is it was all good but yeah that’s really I honestly really really loved the update on the shoe I loved that it inspired by the 4% and I love that it’s you can actually compare it to these higher price point thank you nike pegasus womens and it’s not at that same price point so they made a shoe that’s very consumer friendly and it’s for the people who are just looking for a great shoe but not trying to fall out for a running shoe so I really love them I really love the look of them I really love the feel of them I love how fast it wants to make me go my body doesn’t want to agree with it but I mean I like it likes the idea of it um and but yes 10 out of 10 would recommend especially if you have a narrow foot especially if you tend to go faster distance faster paces for longer distances or if you’re just looking for a fast shoe for those tempo runs or anything like that this is gonna be a very very good shoe Thank You nike pegasus womens you did a very good job this is the bomb comm so if you all have any other questions or if have any sort of feedback or what your personal opinions are if you’ve tried it out if you haven’t tried it out if want to try it out just let me know what you think about this bad boy I don’t know if I told you guys also it’s a ten millimeter drop nike pegasus womens if you hear about that so anyways leave me any comments down below and I will respond to you because I actually really like talking to people I’m here and yeah so I will see you guys sooner rather than later I promise

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