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hey sneaker friends today we are gonna talk about nike pegasus 35 womens this product that originally launched in 1983 yes that makes it 35 years old now if you are a product that’s 35 years old you must be pretty good to last that long and I think this one probably is we’re going to take a look at the pig 35 yes it’s true the first model of this shoe came out in 1983 and this is what it looked like well we’ve come quite a ways since then so this pig nike pegasus 35 womens is available on Nike comm the Nike app footlocker finish line it’s it’s practically everywhere comes in a bunch of different colorways I bought a women’s seven and a half the price is $135 now one thing I noticed when I was buying this shoe it comes in wide for women it comes in regular wide width and for men it comes in regular wide and extra wide so for all of you that have narrow feet and you can never wear nike pegasus 35 womens this could be your model now before you go take a look keep in mind the colorways are limited in those wide and extra wide sizing but if you want to check it out it’s still totally worth it now the paint came out in May of 2018 so the outsole of the shoe is really it’s quite thick it’s three to four millimeters I measured it in a variety of places and it depends on which lug you’re looking at is different thickness now the hardness averages around 70 to 75 so one you’ve got a thick outsole until you’ve got a good hardness so you should have no issues with durability now coverage wise you’ll notice it’s not covering the entire bottom of the nike pegasus 35 womens there’s a few lines here in there and that’s for flexibility so that the shoe has better flexibility but you pretty much do have just about full coverage anywhere where you see it in this area the way it’s recessed in so it’s unlikely that we’ll be touching the ground overall I think you got a nice thick durable outsole now the midsole on this shoe is cush lond and something special about the nike pegasus 35 womens is they picked a hardness of cush lawn for the men’s and they went with a softer version for the women’s catered more to the female runner now when I measured the hardness on this women size seven-and-a-half it measured at about 45 to 50 so I’d be super curious to get amends and see what it measures then out I would expect it probably maybe it’s you know 50 to 55 slightly firmer another detail you’ll notice in the midsole is this beveled heel now this heel you can tell that they took hints and Nate they took inspiration from the vapor fly four percent the nike pegasus 35 womens that people tried to run under to our marathon in and so you can tell by this beveled heel that it was it was mimicked from that it’s pretty cool right they say this heel also helps with the touchdown so a touchdown is basically the moment your foot touches the ground and where it touches and so it starts in the heel the other bonus and this product is it is a full-length zoom cushioning system so instead of having to zoom bags in it which the peg 34 had a 4 foot and a heel zoom bag they connected them into one zoom bag and they articulated it articulated means that it’s broken into sections so that they can make a shape out of it now from nike pegasus 35 womens website it said that they mimic the shape of the plate the carbon fiber plate that’s in the vapor fly four percent with this zoom air bag I would love to see the Zoom air bag I haven’t worn these enough to tear it apart and pull it out yet but if anyone has an image of that air bag love to see it it should be in the same shape as the carbon fiber play at four percent but you see zoom fabric in there which is gonna be super cool now for the upper of this model you’re gonna notice an engineered mesh upper pretty basic nothing too fancy it’s in some pretty cool colorways you can see the top layer of material and you can see the lining kind of x-raying through it the dark or pink you’ll notice it has Flywire it has four eyelets and then the top eyelet so five total you also notice a flat lace now the heel is a little bit different in that it comes out and this is coming from athlete insight from mophir now I probably said that wrong but this pulls the material away from the Achilles making it much more comfortable for the Achilles I like this it does feel comfortable when you have it on the other interesting thing about this upper is that the tongue is actually stitched down to the lining of the nike pegasus 35 womens so you’re not gonna have any issues with the tongue sliding to one side or the other and you’ll notice a nice metallic swoosh on it now first soft liner you have a molded sock liner it’s a little bit thicker than what you’d find in the epic react you’re definitely getting a little bit of cushioning from this it actually measures in let’s take a look it measures in about five millimeters thick in the forefoot and it’s a nice soft green this green I don’t know if it’s ortholite or it’s not marked with ortholite but it’s a nice soft EBA foam now if you take a look at the Strobel you’ll also notice this troubles kind of like a pore on it’s a very soft but dense foam also so you’re getting cushioning from there let’s go ahead and measure that also so the reason that I can measure the thickness of the Strobel is there’s a little hole in it and so I take the back of my calipers and I extend them longer and I put this in the hole and I push down until it reaches the top just gently now see where it lands okay so it’s about two and a half thick two and a half millimeter thick Strobel in there of this kind of pore on foam plus you have this five millimeter thick soft liner and then you have the cush line that’s under foot now under foot I don’t think this feels anything like the react foam I think the react foam feels much better but this is more of a firm cushioning give you more support and stability I do like the nike pegasus 35 womens for me it’s a little bit firm I just really love the react foam and the feel of it when I’m running over this type of model now let’s talk about weight so I weighed both of these nike pegasus 35 womens so this is a women’s seven and a half the right weighed in at 222 grams and the left weighed in at 219 that’s a difference of three grams between the two and for a total you have 441 grams for the pair now if you recall our epic reacts were about 175 76 grams close to maybe 180 the Odysseys were close with a at 180 and so these are significantly heavier than the epic react however still kind of the same type of running shoe right this is for everybody and it comes in widths so if you have a wider foot and you want to try a nike pegasus 35 womens this could be your model all right that pretty much covers it for the peg 35 they have a bunch of cool colorways coming out they also have a premium model that has a leather tongue and a waxed lace and some more tonal colorways I saw a black and then a white and silver so yeah tell me what you guys think I think this probably maybe we should do a grudge match between the nike pegasus 35 womens and the epic react what do you guys think put your vote in this poll and tell me if you guys want to see a grub grudge match between the peg 35 and epic react all right hope you guys have an awesome day see ya

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