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no I doing it live are you gonna start do the whole thing okay so today I was convinced to do a video for you on something that I actually where James got me these nike air zoom pulse price these were made by the Doernbecher kids especially for nurses so they helped design these shoes for nurses working at Doernbecher nurses I guess had input with this and so he got me some and I’ve been trying him out for probably like over a month now and I have some pros and cons about them I’ve been a nurse for over seven years now and so I’ve worn a lot of different nike air zoom pulse price because I’m on my feet for 12 plus hours a day me where’s my title working oh I work in a step-down unit from the ICU it is neuro and trauma so we have two different populations of people um the traumas being like motor vehicle accidents gunshots stabbings that kind of thing and the neuro part is we have our stroke center craniotomies we do surgeries with the spine other things such as meningitis alcohol withdrawal other types of drug withdrawal so it’s kind of a large scope that I’m in pretty demanding physically emotionally and but I think I think all nurses can probably say that in whatever spectrum or unit they work in anyways onto the shoes we digress we digress just be nice to your nurses okay you ever go to the hospital they’ll appreciate it so these are the coleus version of the nike air zoom pulse price impulse they’re $120 retail I know that it’s been really hard for people to get these shoes though yeah so our friend Lena got them in one and Mike got them for us in his life good job you guys getting into the pros of these shoes first so um really easy to put on you don’t have to lace them up or anything it’s actually just a pull-tab and you just slip your foot in and out which is super nice the other thing is even though they are white they wipe off super easily so if you’re getting blood stool whatever on your nike air zoom pulse price they actually wipe off really nice I’ve been wearing these for over a month and if you can’t tell like they’re pretty in pretty good shape and they’re water-resistant too which is really nice for the environment that I work in they’re really sturdy so um if for instance I’m running to catch a patient that’s trying to get out of bed or running to a code or something like that I felt like they were strong and sturdy like I wasn’t in a trip like in other nike air zoom pulse price that I’ve worn previously a kay dance goes those things are will kill your ankle I don’t advise those to anybody these are really reactive to movement and since I’m on my feet all day I felt like that was really good and a nice support that I had it’s firmer than a boost like material but softer than dance go so that’s nice because it’s kind of like that medium where you still have that stability but comfort for 12 hours a day these are pretty lightweight and in comparison to dance COEs or other like clog like nike air zoom pulse price those can be pretty heavy and clunky and these aren’t the other thing is I don’t personally like the clog form with that big high like heavy heel and so these being like almost like a running shoe are really nice I also like the design I’ve gotten a a lot of comments on the detail and design of these shoes and just how cute and fun they are and I think it’s a good talking point for patients or families just to kind of like lighten the mood sometimes okay so a couple cons on the shoes there were some breaking time that was needed in probably the first two to three shifts I had kind of like a raw back heel that was red because this part needed to be broken in I personally wear these lovely nike air zoom pulse price compression socks for my 12-hour shifts to help and I know they’re beautiful but it could also be the material that I wear because they’re compression socks they’re not full cotton but I think most nurses generally wear some sort of compression sock so that’s something to take into consideration so the other thing that I would think is a con and this is just for me my foot personally is I kind of have a higher arch and I don’t feel like they had too high of an arch um so I need more of that support which I didn’t feel like I got in the nike air zoom pulse price arc how can your footer oh yeah so and then the other con was obviously I wish that they had this design but in a darker format maybe not white because white is not preferable for me in my environment that I work in in nursing there were other nurse nike air zoom pulse price that were different colors but they didn’t have this really cool pattern which is so fun to wear I mean I have to wear a certain color of scrub every single day so I can’t really show myself or you should be showing yourself I know I mean okay so I only can wear I can’t really diversify myself or show my personality and so this is a fun way to nike air zoom pulse price my personality without trouble all in all I think these are an awesome shoe for nurses or anybody in like medical dental field somebody that’s on their feet for 12 hours a day and I would give them like an 8 8.5 out of 10 these would not be my first go-to shoes so my first go-to shoes would be the Timberland Pro renova nike air zoom pulse price these would probably be my second I’ve worn like Pegasus boost dance goes in the past so $120 might feel kind of steep but I think it’s totally worth it for the environment that I work in I’m on my feet 12 plus hours a day and so I feel like spending a little extra money on a shoe that I know will be comfortable and lasts me all day long and not hurt my feet is well worth it alright thanks for watching you guys and we’ll see you soon it said that I got this okay thanks ever Sam if you liked this review let us know in the comments and if you want me I don’t usually like to be in front of the camera but if you want me to review any more nike air zoom pulse price that I wear when I’m working um please leave a comment and I will do that in a favor to my lovely husband bye bye 

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