nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens

nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  chains come in actually filming again super early I really in the morning after a 5 a.m. workout so what is going on I’m starting my day out family nice to get this out to you guys – shush crew thank you for tuning into this video if you’re subscribed you know that I rock with you appreciate you thank you so very much make sure to engage in the comments section I always try to get back with you guys and then if you are not subscribed which like 65 percent of you are not I cannot wait to hit 5k gonna go ahead and do this I can’t give away all of the details for that are below you just need to make sure if you’re entering you comment budget life on the actual video that’s in that’s in the link and also once again you girls the sockets affiliate okay so anytime you plan to bid or buy on stock X just just hit me up I got a leg for you okay it’s nothing extra it don’t cost you anything extra but it down so help you support my channel my partnership with stock X this video here so hopefully you guys tuned in last week to the video where I unbox and did it on foot for you guys for the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  this is the collegiate option that they released for a lot of NCAA schools I listed all of those on the video tons of little personal touches okay hail to the victors on the inside you guys know I bleed blue so I had to pick these up also because when I Jordan decides to release Michigan’s fire shoes they’re not very massage okay but I was able to pick these up and I have not of course try it out the joyride yet I’m I’m not that fortunate okay I don’t get seeded nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  from Nike like that but once I put this on it hands down the most comfortable shoe ever and I was like you know what I want to try out another version I wanted another pair of these not just Michigan and I’m watching Hess kicks review I realized by watching that third there aren’t tons of differences there are some aesthetic differences for this versus the 35 Pegasus 35 so I actually searched around on eBay and I was able to find this bad boy now this is actually the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  it is the premium release that came out for women so they had like the standard one this is considered the premium one I know the light is like blinding right now on this shoe but I have to turn it down to show you guys some more details but this is actually a customer return that was provided on ebay trust me when I say customer return because there isn’t much where on the bottom if you look at the inside of the insole completely still intact let me grab the other one still intact absolutely none of the insole that says running on it was rubbed off whatsoever so I think the person tried it on realize maybe they just didn’t care for it and they returned it but this is considered the particle beige color way and then to me it does scream luxury you can tell the material on top it has a lot of texture on it so I try to show you guys this so it has quite a bit of texture on the top you do have the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  swoosh ooh that is it kind of like an overlay embroidery and they have that on the you know the lateral and the medial side which i think is pretty cool this will do the whole three and I think on the back for you runners it does have fly wire near the laces trying to thing and then of court like this tongue look at the leather on that tongue this is leather that we wish we wish we got what it gave the Jordan Brand and then I love the gold accents there on the laces so this is considered the premium nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  I know they did quite a few colors in this but you have the you know full Nike Zoom there now the tongues are different okay so you can see this luxury tongue it is a detached tongue it’s got the leather the tongue on the 36 is definitely different now it’s pretty much still detached as well I think has to say no so this one is like fully detached nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  is fully detached 36 it is attached a little bit on the inside there but you can see how this kind of has that like asymmetrical look versus this one just being a regular tank this reminds me of like a Jordan 4 tongue I’m not gonna lie it reminds me of a Jordan poor tongue the way it sticks up because this rises up so if you have um joggers the tongue is going to be prominent which I actually kind of liked the time I’ve really just kind of like saying hey what’s up you see the luxury here with the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  so a lot of times people are asking hey what’s a good comfortable shoe to have now we know Nike has decided to stack their technology in 2019 we’ve seen the react presto we’ve seen the Air Max 270 react and I know some people don’t like the dip that huge drop from heel to toe with that 270 air bubble back there I’d respect that I get it I like it a lot but I know a lot of people don’t so if you’re just looking for straight comfort a nice plush ride or walk run whatever you would like to call it I would say go for the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  I say the 35 percent of the 36 because there isn’t that there isn’t like a change in tech really it really just kind of in the aesthetics of the shoe so if you choose to go with this one you’re still getting all the comfort except you may be able to find it on sale you can go check your local retailers online I would definitely say online is you probably find a little bit better deals but Foot Locker foot action champs whoever carries just search like nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  or go to outlets you can usually end up finding a really good deal I found these on eBay for $49.99 practically brand-new so you can’t you can’t argue that whatsoever because I want it just a different color option than this and this is outside of my comfort zone usually when it comes to colorways I am more of a black red blue white kind of person okay so I’m the oddball color as busting some basic colors but this is kind of like I won’t lie a little bit more on the feminine side than what I would typically get so good kids a cute shoe it’s a cute shoe you know as skip goes her I would say Oh cute looking at it’s the shoe so I went ahead I picked this up happy with it just all the little details and the luxury and for me though because of the way this shoe looks throw on a cute blouse with this and some dark denim jeans and you are good to go for like a casual Friday that’s exactly what I plan to do or I actually do have a blazer I think that is like a bullet considered a blush color so I will throw those on with this and just a tee and keep it moving but I will give you guys an on foot of this it is hands-down the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  and 36 the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put on that’s even more than the acronym presto um I will I’m not sure if I’m getting my hands on a joy ride run I know they’re gonna come out with a few miles so I might wait into the model that I’m really interested in comes out but again guys I think you should definitely check out this shoe if you’re looking for something to just beat it all day you want that really plush feel the nike air zoom pegasus 35 womens  full toe to heel and and then around the premium ain’t never AMA spoiling yourself a little bit guys but I’ll go ahead and give you the on foot thank you for tuning into this video hope you have an amazing day peace out 

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