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what’s going on everybody it’s your boy Jacob and thank you for tuning into my video today we’re going to be getting into my nike air presto womens collection let’s get into it cut out to that check alright I gotta do it though I must be popping they keep popping in our room where a little puppet okay guys so as we all know like to be comfortable but still be in style and I feel that the most comfortable shoe right now is the nike air presto womens I mean mission feels like I’m walking on air I’m more walking you know I’m saying when I got these shoes I just love the feel of the 90 presto now as I mentioned in a past video I never got into the you divas waiting like the booths or the movies I’ve always been a nice guy not just doing it when I kind of find something comfortable I could just reach for a presto I mean this shoe is just amazing and not expensive at all if you’re looking for a shoe that’s not going to break the bank but you can still be stylish nike air presto womens for you now I have two different types of Presto’s I have a essential and I have the flighted I know they say that you shouldn’t pick favorites but a lot more line of you guys my favorite is this line is I should have bought all the pairs when they were out but I just didn’t do it and I really regret I’m not gonna lie now I have these little pair and I have it black and red hair these are crazy I absolutely love these nike air presto womens they’re so comfortable they look good with pants over shorts and the slime is I really really wish Mike you would just come back out would be as soon as possible Yes No maybe so you have that slimy material going all the way up through the top of the shoe and this and I have a skinny ankle and this still fits tight around my ankle it doesn’t feel loose and it just gives you that nice snug fit you have that cage right here that’s kind of a translucent material you have your nike air presto womens on the back I would say these are probably my favorite colors I love this colorway right here you have your Nike swoosh right here on the top after the black and red ones I like these as well these are very nice the red is very light red it’s not a very dark grey like my shirt that you see here and you guys can see that P right there t is for nike air presto womens attention to detail on the finance is a pretty great guys I’m not going to sit here and lie to you I mean either sick man I’m not I keep stressing it but I really wish that I got all the colors they had Georgetown colors they had white ones they had like to just sit a Gotham guy should got all right guys not I got my favorite out of the way let’s get into the essentials and that’s what these crystals are called I guess like your everyday shoe I kind of just throw these on sometimes I would use with mostly shorts I don’t think these would look good in plans less you can pull it off more power to you now the essentials I have a black pair and a white hair and I also have a bonus pair – if you guys are subscribers to my channel you know what that bonus pair is and also be getting shown some a lot of these nike air presto womens I mean they’re comfortable the press toes are really made for comfort – May first out soon which ones are stories on you’re running to the store you’re running some errands you throw these bad boys on you’re good to go you would think the quality might be able to be shoddy I saw a lot where some people say that their quality was but I don’t get that my quality on my parents very you know all the pairs of my fresh toes even someone that I like the IB so let’s take a closer look at the nice and presto essentials so with these you don’t have that Flyknit material this is a mesh very breathable just a low top version pretty much of the flying is just about to fly in the material you have the nike air presto womens on the back of the shoe nice the air on the inside of the shoe once again guys you have your pee for your presto and your Nike swoosh and these these are the good essential press toes I mean these these things can be worn with anything and worn anywhere and there investment guys and the white ones are just as good deep look a little bit longer for some people but these are a ten also guys be do not essentials don’t come in half sizes we’re going to talk about that more a little bit later so I wear a ten and a half so we’ll talk about that too when you’re looking for your sizing but yeah this is the white pair right here is pretty clean I wear these as well got your nike air presto womens on the inside and really good shoe guys all right guys so what the nike essentials these do not kind of hat size and I was tricky from I had to do a lot of Internet research I looked at a couple YouTube videos and I had to determine what I go a size up or a size down because I’ll wear a ten and a half till they have a slender foot I went down side and the 10 fits me pretty darn good now it’s not a perfect fit because I do wear a 10 and a half but it’s not like it crunches my toes up and I’m walking super crazy it means you know what I mean it really depends on your foot if you have a sleeker slender foot like myself you might want to size it down if you’re ten and a half of your foot is wider you might want to size up and get the 11 or get to size it’s going to be up from you but essentially do not come in half sizes which is why the climates are so crazy because these came in half sizes like Mikey please somehow you got an Mikey leave in the comments below tell Mikey we want the slime is better we want the half sizes back we love the nike air presto womens climate 90 please do so laughs Avery bring it back out don’t mind them you gotta feel free to send me come soon as well now I told you guys that I have one more pair communitychannel this is a bonus it’s getting to now this bonus shoe was my own personal creation for nike air presto womens ID I like to call these the orange share words they mean but if this is your first time watching my channel and make sure that you hit that subscribe button these are the orange service that I made do 90 calm and I think they came out ridiculous and fresh quality is good on them I want to give you guys a closer look okay guys so these were completely customizable and that’s exactly what I did I want to go with a tropical color when I got these because I was already to Puerto Rico which is what I did and I think they came out great so even if you guys want to customize your Presto’s they are going to come out very very good as you can see and nike air presto womens has never misses the Batwa season you got to love the presto alright guys so that’s my collection now I really want to know so in the comments below let me know if you has Presto’s are these your most comfortable shoes that you own because in my opinion these are the most comfortable shoes at all now if you’re an Adidas person or another shoe brand person you have more comfortable nike air presto womens let me know in the comments below I want to know so maybe like I might pick up a pair and oppress those might have to go Baba but in salina they’re right here when they need to be I’m going to show these on foot I want to style them with pants and with shorts so I think if you got some ideas on how you want to sound alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you like comment and subscribe and don’t forget kids the notification bears if you don’t I’m making these videos for nothing and we don’t want to waste time do we quantity content like this on coops corner so hit that notification bail endless getting two or more videos y’all time for on foot always stay blessed thanks for watching peace amen amen amen yeah I know her know me I know just color to that check I like I gotta do it though I must be Bobby Nikki popping our rooms where a woman wouldn’t cop in wars crew well what’s done wait a minute can take excuse me you know how Barbara’s neck yeah 

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