nike air max thea

today I’m reviewing nike air max thea and this is the color obsidian white cool grey and the best way to describe it is that it’s more of like a deep navy blue is what I would describe it as now I thought it was really going to like this shoot because I do like the style of it I like the shape I like the nike air max thea pocket there I do just kind of like the way that the design is on the back and the little pull tab is kind of a diagonal stripe here I also liked that it had this really nice soft feel up at the top now saying all of this once I tried on the shoe I didn’t love this nike air max thea shoe and I will tell you why and this may help you when you’re deciding to buy it so that you don’t find the same issues what I did find is that if your toe hits here now I got a 6 6 youth which is a 7 a half in women’s and I found that my toe hit in this area here and if you’ll notice this is a hard material so this is soft so your toe kind of would slide kind of my toe would kind of hit in between these two so sometimes my toe would hit on the soft area and sometimes my toe would hit on the hard area which tended to irritate my toe and I didn’t really care for that feeling especially you know when I was walking around in it now I haven’t taken these for a run or anything like that because I did want to show these for review purposes first at the bottom the tread is very light and it’s a light feeling nike air max thea shoe I really like the way that it looks and feels I just unfortunately did not like the way my toe felt in these so I will be returning these and then getting a size probably a half-size bigger just simply so that my toe can maybe sit in this area versus here although I’m worried if I’m walking or running that it may start sliding into this area and may not be something I I can deal with especially if I’m putting in some mileage which I tend to do with my nike air max thea shoes I will be doing a Tryon for these so that you can see what they look like on the foot all in all I’d give them like a six out of ten and the high marks are simply for the style I don’t know if they all come with this kind of hard piece of and I don’t want to call it leather because it’s definitely not a leather I don’t think in this area this portion looks to be leather but this is more of a maybe a treated the same material here but they’ve treated it with some type of coating and like I said it’s just a really hard material which I just didn’t care for if you have a narrow foot you’ll probably really enjoy this shoe just because it’s a tighter fit in this area compared to a lot of the nike air max thea that are out there so if you have a narrow foot you would probably really enjoy this nike air max thea shoe again I would just go half size up just so that your toe is not sitting in this area so I’ll go ahead and try these on for you so you can see what they look like on the feet hope you enjoyed and until next time bye guys

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