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good morning good morning good morning is e money nike air max speed turf shoes bout to drop another via to give you a second question to give monies Aloha Christmas giveaway now before I jump into that like to think again everybody to checking out the pocket if you haven’t checked it out it was hilarious and great podcast the chat was lit at unbreakable Kicks had to found your boy aliens paying eighty to monolith the kicks go subscribe check everybody out because we all got dear friend content also we got a couple people already chimed in on the PG 2.5 question if you haven’t checked that I’ll put the link up here up top I got a couple of people but instead of putting it on the answer to your question in the comment section send it to me DM me on e underscore money underscore nike air max speed turf shoe so we can maintain the integrity of the giveaway so your second question today will be your second question of the giveaway would be how many Jordan force do I have in my collection again DM me on IG for that okay I used to egg a little nugget hint I got some pictures on IG and I will leave it at that I also go check out the homie PM kid she’s doing the giveaway once he hit 500 so fine I think as couples we got a search do it but he is giving out some heat he’s just trying to find his way in the YouTube community as always everyone know it’s a grind it’s a grind when you you know you’re just trying to start out so go check him out also like to welcome all my new subscribers continue subscribing rockin me from day one my new hashtag might probably get that Patton always say do what you do don’t matter what we said what we do everything we do is just opinion I’m just letting you guys know is out there by what makes you happy don’t give in to the neg tivity alright cuz we trying to get this thing up to 1300 subscribers about the end mom so about a little over 100 away but I think we can do it I think we can do we just gotta spread the word and get it out now enough of that talking about giveaways and all that other stuff let’s get into the nike air max speed turf shoes you want to talk about heat for your feet and here we go up close and personal nike air max speed turf Fisher colorway University go or you know whatever that either probably I guess that we we we French Smee and size 11 12 and a half suggested retail price a honey in 40 but I’m saying so we get up here nothing special about the block that sometimes you just got a desk shine really out of this stuff shine sorry it’s taking so long but you just need a moment of silence look at that yellowing us it just only fitting that the Sun is beaming on this nike air max speed turf shoe I don’t like to swear but these shoes are the she zips but she’s knit however you want to say it and the cadet just to retail pray $70 focus 70 pounds all right now about ramping about all of this that this adult shoe Boston team wins Pittsburgh still does all that a good stuff Missouri Tigers just a very very whole shoot Dan Marino air just be nike air max speed turf all I need now if anybody got access to the Miami colorway hit me up I will seeing you to bread cash out so I can grab these 10 and a half or size eleven white black white pretty simple right then you got the check that’s great on there just materials kind of interesting on them with the type of material but then yes you got some tumble Rumble right here and you got some old tumble Rumble and you got that stitch check the laces nothing spectacular I I probably can just lead out alone general Athena’s got a new book here some people would do the velcro strap they would do it for tightening to give them one support and it’s four foot here I’m gonna leave it like that as sold on the tongue got a yellow switches with it football you got the check-in area like you said you got the diamond Turk and then you got the nike air max speed turf diamond turf is whistles named Ian primetime then right here to got some more that old lady tumble on break down you got air here you got new book then different at Mattoon you got like a mesh material here Nike in the arch area again you can see right here you got your air unit which is great like I’m up like a metallic type materials you got this reptilian style swoosh very dope on the back you got your heel support for its hat with Nike with something whatever their humpty-hump Sandow humpty-hump here you can see the white then you got the stitching just make the nike air max speed turf ¬†shoe feel very dopes lifestyle issues on the medial side same thing su mesh nubuck white and then you got your see-through right here inside you also got the Nike here like I said so you’re in the forefoot it’s a little bit tight so that’s why I could afford to go up to Devon I could have went to the now but they didn’t Hansen and had to be honest which I had to go live and I can for that all so this is a very very though nike air max speed turf shoe so on a lady meter let’s see I get issue a four point eight five out of 10 a 4 point 8 5 I mean I four point eight five out of ten four point eight five out of five excuse me it’s gonna be a one taking you know editing but like I said we got this video want to get it out so people can understand so four point eight five out of five on an idiot meter again the second question is how many Jordan fours do I have on my collection DM me in my box get done with your number and done also get ready to tune in for the last bring the pain podcast for a year before we take a break and gear at the drop come with you guys the season to we’re gonna be rocking it this week same time 8 p.m. will J be collectibles also thing keeps I’ll put it on your child calendar and then challenger calendar came talked this morning I’m gonna do the super chat thing all the money collected from the super chat will be going back to the community gonna do what’s call at the end of the month nike air max speed turf ¬†sneaker trivia whoever get that right we’re gonna side how are we gonna give back the money to the community so that’s something to keep an eye out on like I said don’t forget to subscribe to everyone get their Thrones up like subscribe leave a comment suggestion good or bad always just like to know what I can answer the channel like I said in 2019 I will or doing on feet thank you for taking the time to watch my video have a blessed day as is be money I mouse deuces

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