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we have another nike acg boots of you management long time system I can’t even remember but we have something interesting and you can see what it is so I’ve been on this journey in this quest or what have you to find the perfect pair of hiking nike acg boots for all occasions something that I can go to like you know I don’t know k2 in but I can also go to the Grammys in is what I kind of want unfortunately I doubt that that boot actually exists but I’m still on this question I had been searching yeah he’s taking middle minimalism to a whole other level oh yeah I’m going really really extreme a hardcore with it the story behind the search yes the story behind this search for the ultimate nike acg boots where does it begin well let me tell you I had the ultimate shoe at one point and I’ll show y’all real quick not quite for the Grammys but it was this right here and this is called the salawa I can’t remember what we already talked about this in another video that we’ve done and unfortunately these nike acg boots are kind of old and they started to fall apart I don’t really need bottom only need one and I took them to a cobbler to try to see if I could get maybe came baby hybrids this guy took this shoe and made it into a cowboy boot and it thought and they tried to explain to me that it was acceptable and it was cool that I had a cowboy boot heel on a hiking nike acg boots I mean he ruined the boot for sure but you know what I have to give it to him the idea of creating a cowboy boot out of the hiking shoe I would never come up with that idea so like any either should anybody else I don’t know how his imagination became it’s like got that idea but it’s just amazing so needless to say that was a complete waste of waste of time and money and a failure and then I got these right here these are the North Face what do you think the lifti thermal ball nike acg boots these boots I actually like a lot they are waterproof they are pretty much wind proof they have the thermal ball material limits are pretty warm but they’re not quite as long so I’ll link up here in the corner so you guys can see we have done the viewing these a few months back in the fall so it’s a little bit more you know right and that was when I first got them but now I’ve actually worn them in cold weather and they’re cool they have a decent amount of grip not as much as you will really want out of a hiking boot but it’s okay and they’re decently warm but they’re not super super warm they’re just okay they’re new what they’re nowhere near as good as my saliva nike acg boots like those were like he has emotional attachment to yes so nothing can ever replace them yes you feel brand-new saliva boots exactly so these are cool but they’re not quite as fashionable as I want them to be or had to look that they’re I want them to have so what happened next well I was just hunting around on the interweb one day and I saw these right here these are the Nike Antarctic thanks Billy it’s hard to call kg Air Tara Antarctic yes crazy crazy crazy name what they call them boot like sneaker nike acg boots like sneaker yes crazy name crazy-looking boot and we’re about to tell you what we think about this boot and why I got these boots so I got them pretty much to replace the North Face boots that I just do on the ground right there and I’m not really sure how I feel about them right now at the moment the way that these nike acg boots kind of look I’ll leave that one right there but I’ll kind of bring us all closer to me so I can look at it and talk to you about it so the way this boot kind of looks it’s a sneaker that’s built like a boot but it looks like a boot of the future it’s very very extremely unique and I would tend to wear like skinny and more fitted clothes so because this has this like tighter converse ish looking of upper yeah ankle grabber as we like to call it I found terms exactly I kind of like the way that this boot looks as far as for the fashion aesthetic even though it’s not a true fashion boot the materials in build of these nike acg boots are actually super super high tech interesting material now I’ve said it many times if you slap gore-tex on the name of something I’m pretty much gonna go and buy it whether it be underwear socks boots where is somebody’s create gore-tex underwear one day and we’re gonna be doing reviews remember my words so this is gore-tex with ripstop on top of it on a sneaker and it’s not very heavily insulated and it’s it’s a very light bendable flexible boot and we kind of want to weigh it to see how much it weighs compared to our other nike acg boots so we’re gonna zero out our scales yes so he goes the North Face one right here we’re gonna weigh that see what it weighs so the North Face is one pound three ounces okay and this is fourteen and a half ounces Wow okay so just for shits and giggles how much does this my mutely sublingual boot wear my way it’s a hybrid yes disrupter it weighs the same as North Face actually four ounces more it’s a 1.8 1 pound 8 ounces so it’s pretty much the same as a North Face okay but those are kind of similar because they both hiking boot both winter nike acg boots I would consider these like proper winter hiking nike acg boots that I would wear deep snow and stuff like that this one right here kind of trying to fear it out now like I said it looks like a it looks and feels like a really really beefy sneaker but I’m not really sure how they actually do in cold weather and the fit of these is actually a lot different from a more traditional hiking boot because it feels like a sneaker now when you’re actually trying to put these things on the one thing that everybody complain about about these nike acg boots and man we got some really funny reviews that we’ve read that we’re talking about these so you wouldn’t sell them to the res yeah we’re gonna say is because these in and they just kind of came out so there isn’t that many reviews but every seat like the rules are really 2.5 stars so they’re really really bad and so I start reading them there’s the cup I mean every single person even if they leave a good review every single person mentions that extremely extremely hard to get on right here which is very true the foot doesn’t go in but couple of people actually tell it like you know they wrote the review and stuff and the one guy said he goes great idea and design but execution and testing gets a zero even though it does say on the boot it says design and test it in Oregon USA right here on the bottom I think one person designer tested this and the other person also said the same thing you know they love the way they look they love the materials and all that stuff and he this guy even tried to go up half size just so he can maybe put his foot in but he said the issue was the same and he said I seriously wonder if anyone at nike acg boots ever tried these on there in the jet point because I feel like if you are testing the boot you have to test it on at least I would say at least three people or two people I was gonna say at least 20 people but okay even three people every single person on here from these okay come on save shuttle real quick where what you’re talking about so to show y’all this nike acg boots has this like velcro zip Wow yes yeah and one guy said you can loosen up you know the laces a little bit laces are very interesting made they kind of have a really cool design and maybe you can put it in but this right here is not stretchy at all it does not stretch so you just try to squeeze your foot in and also even if you do squeeze your foot in and it is tight you know like it’s so tight how well your shoe is going to wear after you gonna keep doing this back and forth eventually you’re gonna rip it exactly and I had a problem I had that same problem when I was try using a really really thick darn tough socks in these nike acg boots I couldn’t really get my foot in easily eventually God did but I feel like I was either gonna tear this tab or I was going to like you know mess my sock up and put my foot on right through my sock but when I had my big sock on my foot was able to go right right on into this boot so I’m kind of at a conundrum with like what you know and your foot is weird yes and being that this material is so fan on here in the wintertime you will want to wear a thicker sock with this boot but it’s harder to get your food your foot actually in the boot with the bigger sock so then one guy said about the thicker socks he said even though I was able to kind of squeeze it in after five minutes of trying he said it bunches up your socks because of the way you forced your foot in which I totally see that so I don’t know about this whole testing what they call it testing because though yeah but once man once you get past getting the actual nike acg boots on the actual inside of the foot of the foot the actual inside of the shoe is actually very comfortable it’s kind of narrow but I kind of have narrow feet but it fits really really good and very very very true to size once again if I were to wear anything like super thick socks because I went to somewhere cold with these boots I would probably have a very difficult time putting these nike acg boots on and off while I definitely know how to have very difficult I was already tried it but those are my thick which colored things so that’s however are pretty much on foot so I guess we should talk about our overall thoughts on this shoe right now and we got some notes that we’ve been reading a whole time we’d love our notes are doing sure no we have to because we’re not shoe what do they call them we’re not sneaker heads yes so we gotta have news and we still get okay so overall thoughts on the nike acg boots Tara Antarctic man this thing has a crazy day I have to read these names I will never remember we didn’t know North Face review and I’m like I can’t remember this I fix like flip the words backwards and stuff alright so final thoughts I think that this is a great boot wait because of the way it looks number one look is amazing it doesn’t like a traditional boot it’s very very unique you can wear it with a bunch of this thousand modern people have likely looks tactical to me it looks kind of tactical but you look like a really cool tactical person from the future instead of like a day-to-day technical person from the 90s which you don’t want to look like like you know we’re in high-tech nike acg boots of stuff that actually moves might come back don’t be interesting our technical days what do you think let us know in the comments um I feel like you could wear this thing in multiple climates because it is so thin it’s not like the lifti boot that has the thermoball insulation so it only makes it a winter boot I think that this boot is something that you could wear comfortably in any temperatures ranging from probably like 40 degrees Fahrenheit up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and wear them very very comfortably he’s probably all perfect like jungle yeah oh sorry B yeah exactly because it’s like hot but they super lied they still very thin and they’re waterproof lay yeah put out so I Costa Rica hiking something like that this would be great if you were if you were going to like something like I don’t know like the Yukon Territory this guy tested out the traction you know this part like the sole and he said like for real they have a really really really good stable traction so you’re not gonna slide so jungle that would be perfect I love the sole nice nike acg boots and I love how high the toe protection everything comes up on this boot oh let’s see so we wouldn’t recommend it for some reason temperature because there’s not a heavy instantly where I said that it’s very light and very comfortable which we’ve already said and it’s very true to size.i we’re in Europe euro 42 eight and a half United States and if I order of 42 in the shoe 99.9% of the time it fits and this is a 42 and it fits but it’s very very true to size like it gives you no room for expansion so you know you say you like this design so they call it mud toe supposedly shakes a check tear your nike acg boots you know from when you go hiking to like get extra degrees and stuff so this Costa Rica that would be definitely thing you wouldn’t want to take what yes so this is pretty much sums up our review of the Nike Terra ACG antair Antartica boot $200 for this is a bit steep but you do get a lot of decent amount of tech in the mountain if you just put it if you can get your foot in I would say probably pull the cheering on these nike acg boots and they came with some amazing color ways before we in this vlog man the to cut I was late to the party I saw these like I think on like the 8th of February but they dropped on like the second I want to say I’m sure you’re gonna create me because I’m probably wrong but the colors that came out that white joint oh my god so there’s the black and white one so it’s a white nike acg boots with the black laces and all these pieces and then they have like this piece right here is orange like neon not quite neon orange but bright orange and then you have like this neon green right here and oh my god they look so awesome I would total again this I’m not sure if I could put my foot in but I like them a lot yep so that’s it that’s our review we are a carrot sealife character line for the wild light subscribe comment all that cool stuff I don’t know if I’m going to keep these or return them that I haven’t had them 30 days and I haven’t pulled the jazzy gore-tex tag off yet but I think I definitely like this style of shoe better than my Arc’teryx winter nike acg boots so I don’t know yes I did alright we’re out peace well before you go we forgot to mention a couple of things but it was better than yes we actually did our own testing on these nike acg boots and we completely submerge them in water for about what a good two or three minutes I’m talking about spread them around / blah blah blah they got extremely cold but did not get wet I thought they’d get wet but it was just really good they got cold because it’s like 40 degrees outside and the water in the pool is freezing but yeah so what was other things the other thing as soon as we got off the camera I was looking at Reza’s trying them on and I was like thinking I’m like okay you’re gonna get rid of your North Face nike acg boots and he said well I feel like I might just sell them and I’m like okay it didn’t dawned on me earlier in the video that obviously this is a proper hiking shoe so you have a really nice ankle support and he said that some people don’t really care I see I really do care about my ankle support I can tell the difference when I hike in the regular like nike acg boots even with a good grip versus a proper hiking boot what it holds my ankle tight but if that’s not something you know you care about if you’re not planning on going proper hiking or if that’s just not one of your things then you should be good to go I mean and then deep snow period because I mean this one has way higher ankle and this one is way lower as well yeah so I’m gonna go with hiked through some powder I probably wouldn’t do it in this but this you probably could you know do it a little bit better right on on the hand if this is super tight that power isn’t getting in there yes alright so that is it if you’re gonna go to Costa Rica you might want to get these if you’re gonna go to the dear dark or like you know I don’t know some of the Appalachians not hiking Utah Aspen or something what’s the other place called Himalayas you might want to take these I don’t know make your choice 

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