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what’s up guys welcome to a quick informal or easy resales broadcast my name is resi and I’m gonna teach you guys something you need to know about selling amazon nike shoes or any other big brand-name products this is typical of the type of stuff that I teach on my youtube channel please subscribe go to my website Reesie resells comm to get my free amazon nike shoes course that will get you to start or did get you everything you need to know sorry about that guys super rookie mistake I have the iPad over here to answer questions later after this but let’s get into it guys so as you guys know the last few videos that I put out some of them they were basically they were all to do with products that are restricted to were actually shoe videos so those fall into the amazon nike shoes category the other one was a nerf brand video thingy and nerf is obviously restricted as well and so people were basically I get a lot of comments how can you sell Nike I can’t sell Nike this videos useless nobody can sell Nike or you know people are less skeptical or less pessimistic and they say things like how do I sell Nike how can I sell amazon nike shoes etc so I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about that so for one I was grandfathered into selling Nike that means before Nike was ever like restricted and shut off for everybody I could already sell Nike and I can still sell Nike since then that’s called being grandfathered also I have hit maximum approval maximum approval is an internal term with amazon nike shoes when you reach maximum approval you get automatically approved for a lot of different brands more about that later let’s discuss the basically only two ways that you’re gonna be able to sell Nike so I have never heard of ever in over a decade of anybody getting approved to sell Nike by supplying invoices to Amazon and paying the $1500 it just doesn’t happen Nike is not giving any online sellers a contract to sell online it just doesn’t work amazon nike shoes barely got some contract with Nike just barely and that’s Amazon so you can imagine the likelihood of you as an online seller getting an IKEA account to sell online it’s not going to happen even retail brick-and-mortar stores have a very hard time acquiring and keeping and maintaining an IKEA account there’s a lot of restrictions a lot of rules in place amazon nike shoes actually has a whole internal team and their only job is to track down inventory that’s getting online like places like Amazon and eBay that came from brick-and-mortar wholesale accounts they obviously know about people buying from Ross Marshalls amazon nike shoes factory outlet that’s not who they’re after they’re after the legitimate wholesale accounts that are actually funneling product to online and they get their their retail store accounts shut down so that’s just not going to happen the other way is you could buy someone’s account quote-unquote that is allowed to sell Nike or any of these other brand products the problem with that is that it’s actually against the rules to buy an Amazon account so what you actually have to do is you have to buy someone’s business and that business have to has to possess an Amazon account as an asset and when you buy someone else’s business you get all of their assets so that’s how you can do that you could do a personal transaction I think people advertise their Amazon businesses for sale on websites like Empire flippers check that out the last account that I know I’ve sold for two thousand dollars that was open and amazon nike shoes and other brands I’ve heard of accounts selling for five thousand dollars but that is all just that none of that matters the way that you are most likely to get approved to sell Nike is by consistently selling products on Amazon and maintaining good account metrics now nobody knows what the exact metrics are but once you hit a certain point you reach what is called maximum approval and that’s an internal Amazon at Amazon term and what that means is that when you go to click request approval to sell on amazon nike shoes or any other or most large brands it will actually just say congratulations you’ve been approved and it will not ask you for any invoices now there’s still some that will you fur invoice those are going to be harder to get but most just open up for you like the floodgates don’t confuse brands with categories and a lot of people also confuse authenticity of items with legit supplies so like you can’t use retail receipts to prove that you got it from a wholesaler but retail receipts do prove authenticity now as far as like what metrics are actually going to take you there I think it might be two thousand items sold on Amazon so I know people that have sold only books for about six months shout out to Meghan Meghan Mike that’s him and he was opened up for amazon nike shoes after just selling books for two months now he actually confirmed he did sell over two thousand units this is a theory it was proposed by another reseller on Instagram and I think it might be true so your goal if you want to sell big brands on Amazon if you have money buy someone else’s account go that way and if you don’t just sell what you can on Amazon books or whatever else you can just to get through the struggle I recommend books because it’s readily available not very restricted very cheap to buy to sell good margins cheap mistake and make but get your account in good standing and over 2,000 sales and then hit me up and ask and let me know if you did get approved for amazon nike shoes or not so it might not be 2,000 it might be another metric but that’s the one that I’m thinking it is but I can promise you that if work hard on Amazon and you sell what you can on Amazon then in a short period about a year or so you will be allowed to sell Nike and that is all it really takes guys and not just Nike all of these other brands so when you see people saying well good for you I can’t sell Nike that’s just because you don’t sell Nike and and besides that that’s just a loser mentality anyways you could be selling on eBay Poshmark a stock ax goat like eBay and Poshmark are really good places to sell the similar type of amazon nike shoes that we sell on Amazon Poshmark specifically because it’s a newer marketplace and it’s less saturated especially with men’s amazon nike shoes but there is really really no excuse for you guys and I don’t want you know I want to make sure that you guys know that it’s possible right it’s hard to get there but it’s possible so for the rest of the video I’m going to open up for questions if anybody has any questions just shoot them into the chat and I will answer those questions for you let me grab the iPad real quick one sec let’s see if we got any any questions here in the chat we got Mandy Adams in the chat we got slide we got auto reality we got Christian its Lou we basically go 9:00 in here there’s a 181 people live please subscribe please share the video out on Twitter and if you guys have any any questions I would love to answer those from you it’s looking like the there’s a little bit of a delay between me asking you questions and then them actually hitting the stream because I’m not looking at the front-facing camera I’m sure that there are some questions over there but I’m not actually seeing any but yeah guys like maximum approval just keep selling I know it sucks that you can’t sell all these products on Amazon or that your gated but you can’t really complain if you want that you know the treasure the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you want to be able to sell all these things on Amazon you’re gonna have to do what a lot of people have done already and or are doing and is just struggle through that so that you can actually actually sell some items so let me go and see if there’s questions on the other side this super weird sorry guys hold on one second do we got any questions over here seeming like I don’t know how to work my own my own thing right here oh I guess you could zoom on YouTube live but I don’t see any questions there they are it’s part of the hustle right set goal and I’m unguided in amazon nike shoes what should I start selling I bought socks the other day and sent them in I think my chat is disabled hold on a second guys let me one second let me switch this actually let me switch the camera one second stupid iPad once that guy’s re alright here we go that was a total failure on my part guys sir super total super total failure and still failing oh my god since when did you too bad all these stupid effects alright chat on the screen please all right there we go holy Jesus I’m sorry guys not my expected situation oh man here easy you might remember me from the other video if I’m unsure to find the item sitting cells always safe to ask seller support so I don’t worry about getting suspended yeah definitely asking seller support if you if you’re able to sell an item especially getting it in writing is a good way to keep it going someone said doh haha perfect definitely perfect now let me go back what categories are easy to get unguided I heard clothing is easy I don’t believe clothing is a gated category if unless I’m mistaken anybody who’s watching this you need to first get approved to sell in any category shoes of amazon nike shoes you can and I wish I would have said this earlier but login to your Amazon account make sure you’re a pro merchant seller that way you have the ability to apply to sell in restricted categories major key when you’re logged in to your Amazon account go to google and type categories requiring approval the first thing that comes up should be the Amazon page with all of the restricted categories that Rick that require approval go through there and apply to every single one many of them will just approve you to sell in them without invoices or anything and just just go through there and and get get opened up to what you can be opened up maximum wise and then from there it’s just trudging along until you can sell more stuff do you always have to provide invoices so another like I know I mentioned earlier that you’re not going to get approved to sell amazon nike shoes with invoices but you can get approved to sell almost any other brand with invoices very very big brands like adidas or something are very and Nike obviously are very protective with their their whole supply chain so I’m not very in touch with the anything than amazon nike shoes but obviously very very big ones are going to be hard but it’s not a big deal for you to get a wholesale account with a distributor that sells Star Wars or sells Nintendo stuff or sells Hasbro stuff or that sells Mattel stuff once you have an account with that wholesale distributor they are actually allowed to sell those items from those companies and they will extend their license over to you and give you a document which you can then give to Amazon and then you will automatically you know once you apply and give them the document be able to sell all of those toys Hasbro Mattel starts Disney Nintendo as long as you can find a legitimate wholesale supplier distributor for that brand then you and you order them and get your invoices you will be able to get approved for them hello you see John from Puerto Rico he recently purchased 24 amazon nike shoes from the outlet same color and style to sell on my eBay store can I use this receipt to get approval to sell on Amazon no a retail receipt can be used to prove authenticity in the case of an inauthentic claim which comes from customers saying your items are not authentic but it cannot be used to prove supply chain it used to which is kind of confusing because you might find YouTube videos or old posts about people saying they used retail receipts to get approved but it generally does not work that’s not to say that it doesn’t work sometimes sometimes you get a lazy employee the right time of day and you could get approved with a blank piece of paper probably and that does happen guys but is it going to happen all day is it regular no where do you find approved retail providers go to google and type wholesale space whatever type of category of stuff you’re trying to find toy distributor toy wholesaler one very common toy wholesale distributor is Entertainment Earth make an account with Entertainment Earth look through all the brands and stuff that they carry then order that stuff and get your invoices and use those to get approved for Amazon for those brands that’s a nugget that I just gave you guys right there usually give out wholesale suppliers on live streams thoughts on paying a service to be unguided if it’s for something you’re having trouble why not do you ever sell customs custom what where do you get shoe stuffing paper so I order mine on eBay but if I can I get it from a shoe store so oftentimes when I’m buying like a ton of amazon nike shoes from someone especially if they’re all buffed up it doesn’t happen at the Nike outlet but at other places I’ll be like yo can I get some tissue paper and if they’re nice and our interaction was nice they’ll bring me like a fat stack of tissue paper so we use those to replace stuff questions how about Legos you could definitely get approved to sell Lego it just depends you need to get a legit supplier what about invoices for DVDs and CDs definitely does work that is one of the things that we share freely in my mastermind group go to patreon if you want to sign up for that it’s usually full you can check towards the end of the month and there might be a spot that opens up let’s see how much of your revenue is from books now that you are branching out into amazon nike shoes so we are we’re probably about 50/50 books and shoes right now for the Amazon business maybe 60 40 60 shoes 40 books but we’re a reviving book so we actually I just I just rehired my little brother my younger brother to work for me he actually is small so that’s technically true and he is gonna be tasked with managing and starting back up a book location for us so excited to get back into the books are you going to the growth cone in Miami I think so I bought a ticket but I didn’t tell Rosa yet and so I’m not sure I’m the worst schedule ever I bought a ticket just in case though I have a bazillionaire mile so it’s no thing to just jump on a plane real quick for a day can you do this as a teenager yes you can but you need your parents to make you an Amazon account to sell amazon nike shoes in their name because as a miner you’re not allowed to have an Amazon account but I know plenty of teenagers that are in high school that are making four or five six ten thousand dollars a month or at least gross sales on Amazon on Shopify doing all kinds of e-commerce hustle do you use tactical arbitrage to find amazon nike shoes yes but when I buy online I just always get orders cancelled I just can’t order as much volume so it’s a pain in the butt what do you think Amazon is more strict with on gating shoes or CDs and DVDs amazon nike shoes is very easy to get approved for but don’t get that confused with getting approved to sell Nikes category restriction brand restriction two different things please smash the like button guys I see 244 of you I’ve entertained you guys for like an drop knowledge for like 16 minutes the least you could do is just smash the like button just to show me a little bit of respect please I appreciate that let’s see speaking of airmiles what credit card do you think is good for getting air miles you want to shoot for at least two miles to one dollar and some cards will match your miles but also you have to pimp out the the you know the the joining bonuses or whatever so it’s it’s beneficial to get credit cards that like the points are transferable and work together with the startup bonuses I mean if you guys are you know entrepreneurs it’s no thing to to hit that you know 5000 in a month or whatever to get 40 or 80 thousand miles let’s see what I sold on eBay definitely I’m gonna like thanks for the info you’re amazing starting out limited money and transportation what do you recommend I sell I heard drop shipping is cheap to start drop shipping is cheap it’s basically free but I I know only a couple people that seriously do drop shipping of amazon nike shoes and I don’t know anyone that is making a full-time income solely from drop shipping and I talked to a lot of people I go to a lot of conferences and that’s just the truth guys I don’t know I don’t know a single person that’s you know making a million dollars doing drop shipping and that should you know be a red light you know or or whatever an alarm sound right so if you do if you do make a million dollars a year and you’re a drop shipper I want to have you on my show on Reesie talks so let me know I would love to interview you and learn because from what I see drop shipping is just like more work than it is but definitely scalable and although low margins it’s not you know there’s no upfront cost for the most part what’s a good place to purchase a nun gated amazon nike shoes account so people will like message me or other influencers that they have an account for sale and then people will post it on their stories or whatever and like maybe you have an account you want to sell it for five grand and I’ll say okay cool and I’ll put it up for six grand or they’ll offer me one grand and they’ll take four like whatever the deal is so it’s super backdoor deals but I know Empire flippers is a website where people sell their internet or their businesses or whatever and I know some Amazon accounts have been sold on there how would you set up partnerships with another reseller who has unguided in amazon nike shoes that’s tricky I would definitely talk to a lawyer and get a contract drawn out it’s just tricky I would definitely talk to a business lawyer get a contract drawn out and just work out something that’s that’s beneficial although having a Nike account is a great thing don’t sleight yourself if you’re not the one that has the account by you know getting you a very small percentage I would say you should at least deserve 50% of all the profits being the one who’s supplying the amazon nike shoes through the account that’s allowed to sell Nike is debt worth it to scale up your FBA business everybody has mixed beliefs on this but I definitely believe in carrying debt if it’s a necessity to growing your business so for us right now we’re trying to buy a lot of shoes we’re trying to buy $60,000 a month of amazon nike shoes in order to do that we need to leverage our credit cards and unfortunately for the first few months we’re not going to be able to pay them off in full around month four or five we won’t be carrying any debt anymore but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles I don’t understand I wouldn’t want to use my money you know what I mean I’d rather use their money so the way I see debt is leveraging someone else’s money if it’s worth it for you to use their money with the interest and the time it’s going to take then it’s worth it you know what I mean if you have a pile of cash then don’t use it I like cash back cards to put money back into your business yeah definitely I like airmiles because I’ll tell you right now because air miles are worth more than cash back air miles like the price of air miles to get certain things does not increase dramatically for example you might look to buy a plane ticket or a hotel and if you’re trying to buy it really close to the time you’re gonna need it it might be really expensive but oftentimes with air miles it doesn’t increase in price even to upgrade your seat or to upgrade your room sometimes through different hotel chains it doesn’t increase the price and then me and my business partner just used those for personal benefit air miles versus getting cash back which is gonna actually offset your your cost of goods let’s see I can I can in some of it but you still have to find deals worth purchasing for a profit if I can sell say sell a shoe style it’s only three of 15 colors and three of the 15 sizes of those colors yeah it’s different so you got a you have to okay for example with amazon nike shoes it’s a shoe in different colors but each size has different supplies so even though it’s the same product detail page this is like a whole nother video I can make a whole youtube video about the dichotomy of a product detail page and why it’s difficult to look at the shoe and understand everything because this one page for this amazon nike shoes has 20 colors right so each and there’s only one sales rank so all shoe colors are driving the sales rank you don’t really know which one unless you have the right tools and know how to dig it up but then in each size there’s different supplies so the price varies depending on the size that it’s crazy but sometimes I’ll buy a shoe only in a certain size or two because those sizes are profitable based on the demand and supply scenario anyways guys I’ve gone way way off topic I will see you guys tomorrow on tomorrow’s night tomorrow night’s live show 6:00 Pacific Standard Time 9:00 Eastern please smash the like thank you so much for the super chat I really appreciate it if this video was helpful for you please share it on Facebook please share it on Twitter and if you are watching this after the livestream I would love to know what was your favorite part of the video comment with a timestamp if I select your comment as the winning comment I will send you a reason resells follow the hustle bumper sticker it’s like a decal window sticker laptop glass Deal 

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